Burn the 2023 Witches vol. I - Same As It Ever Was





In something that has, unfortunately, become the norm for this sports franchise, the team started the year looking like a second-rate high school team.

It’s gotten embarrasing.

Mark Washington’s Defence is a complete joke. Zero pressure on Collaros all game, and pathetic pass coverage.

BLM couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn at ten paces. Two INTs and a lost fumble by our star trade/FA signing is about exactly the same output as Dane Evans last year - I hope he’s treated the same way by those who roasted Evans all last year, but I doubt it (agendas and everything).

There were FAR too many undisciplined penalties - and ALL of them were avoidable. It should be drilled into players’ heasds in Pop Warner football to NOT kick the damn ball when the play is dead. No need for a Bundy Splash after the play.

But what galls me the most was Orlondo’s comments a half time. “You’ll see a completely different team in the second half.” Complete BS.

There’s been a lot of talk about “culture”. All I have seen is a culture of losing, a culture of unprofessionalism, and a culture of futility.

The Special Teams came out to play. A couple of fumble recoveries led to two TDs in the fourth quarter. That being said, an illegal Punt out of bounds, and TWO Illegal Kickoffs (from the guy who missed the entirety of Training Camp) are inexcusable. I will give Flint a pass, but he also had two punt singles that should have stayed out of the end zone.

Even when the team made it close, they simply couldn’t capitalize on their opportunities. They couldn’t stop Winnipeg running the ball down their throat inside the final 3 minutes. BLM had a BAD game, underthrowing and overthrowing recievers all night.

If this team doesn’t clean up it’s act, we WILL lose to Toronto next week.

This is the second year woth Orlondo as President of Football Operations - meaning he rubber-stamps the three-headed GM decisions. In other words - it’s all his mess.


Nice rant, ^^^^
They made a game of it
Tough place to get a win
On to the next game


Yep, on to the next.

All I want is an evenly called game. I’ll take the L if its on the team, but CALL THE GAME EVENLY FFS


As much as I would agree with your assessment of the 1st half, the team did get it together in the 2nd half.

I suspect much of this is 1st game jitters and not being prepared to play. That is definitely on the coaching staff. The sloppy play and turnovers in the 1st half really killed them. We did see some rhythm in the 2nd half, even if it was essentially garbage time for the Bummers. The fact that they didn’t quit when they could have packed it in doe say something about the make up of the team.

They MUST be more disciplined against Toronto. They have to be in the game from the opening whistle and not wait until the 2nd half to get going. They have to stop with the turnovers. It totally kills any momentum. Condell’s play calling is still highly suspect with poorly timed, low percentage passes and not featuring the run to take some pressure off a struggling QB ( I know Butler had a nice total yardage game)…

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All I can say is, I’m glad I missed the first half.

Yes they made a game of it, but that covers up a lot of deficiencies. Bo looked like he was way off timing with his receivers.

They need to be way better prepared next week or it’s 0-2. Game 1 against the top team and I’m not stepping off the ledge, but they look like they need time to get their shite together with all the new players. Possibly injuries to Tim White and Bayless on their TDs isn’t going to help.


You need actual game time to get the timing right. There is practice speed and game speed. Seemed like more under-throws than overthrows.


The Good:
Zack only passed for 65 yards in the second half.
Our team showed some heart coming back.
If BLM even completes a couple of those long balls who knows what would have happened.
Running game showed promise
The bad:
Oline was spotty when it counted
Seth Small’s kickoffs ( he never kicked off last year)
Undisciplined BS crap
Our DBs in the first half
Tim White might be injured
Not enough pressure from our D-line


Winnipeg is the bar to which all teams are measured.

They’re 30-7 since the return from the missed covid season

thats 30 wins…And 7 losses. In 2+ years. They are all time historically good.

They haven’t regressed, they’re still dominant, and we would have needed everything to go our way to beat them.

We now have 17 more games to get to their level.

Next week is a better test as to where we are


special teams played great, no surprise with the return of Reinbold. Defense was spotty (George). I expected more from the offense, Bo and receivers did not seem to be on the same page.


The offence looks promising. Hopefully Condell’s playbook uses Butler. Bo had a bad game. Nothing to get worried about yet. Any word on Timmy?

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We haven’t played Winnipeg very good in the regular season since the mid point of the 2019 season. Outside of the 2021 Grey Cup, they’ve basically owned us…

Last September we thumped them in Hamilton. That was the game where Dane looked like the second coming of Warren Moon. Unfortunately that proved to be a one and done of sorts for Dane, but our Cats did whoop the Bombers 48-31 that wonderful day.


Why didn’t we kick the FG instead of 3rd and 10 with a OLine playing short handed late?

BLM lacked zip, a bunch of times we had open receivers and the ball was lolly popped in there.

Hang on to the ball Butler.

O screwed up using his challenge on a minor play so early.
A couple plays later the GIANT Winnipeg receiver knocked our DB down on the way to a big reception, would have been nice to have that challenge.

Learn how to kickoff if that is your job.

Tunde…did you really drop that INT?

You can’t have 6 turnovers in Winnipeg and expect a win.

Woods was awesome in the return game.

Thought our LBs played great.

And the officiating was comical.


Biggest difference here is that our QB didn’t cough up the ball quite as much as Dane. I mean, BLM tried… but didn’t cough it up as much. Butler was a contender as well. Everyone wanted to give a gift to the Bomber D.

As much as I believe the refs were outrageously one-sided for WPG, we did not bring even close to enough to beat a team of that calibre. Same lame coaching, same porous D secondary. I don’t like what I saw tonight other than the fight to stay in it til the end.


Bo has for years now missed open receivers on deep throws - over & under throws - glaring weakness in his game IMO and doubt it’s going to magically improve all of a sudden.

Butler is a decent RB but vastly over-rated IMO; 2 fumbles this game as well; should have somebody else to turn to, and maybe STE gets some work like he deserves.

Duke was a great CFL receiver in the past - lots of talent - not sure he can play to the same level anymore.

3 big offensive saviors = could be in for some big disappointment there.

That rookie DB was horrid - maybe he can learn and improve. Simoni is not what he used to be; I’d give Sopik some playing time shots at OLB; or move Thurman to W-OLB where he is better suited IMO and find a big thumper MLB.

Coaching smarts still the huge question mark IMO.


I would agree - the team - both offense and defense - needs time playing together to gel and become cohesive, well-functioning units. It will come - Bo is still a good QB but is working with a whole new offense and group of receivers. They played together sparingly in the preseason games so had little time to develop the kind of timing that they need to connect on more of those passes. It will improve, as will the communication on defense. They started to look better even in the second half - being able to close the gap significantly although I didn’t expect they’d manage to come back to win. They definitely slowed down the BBs and shocked the rowdy crowds when they got those two quick TDs late in the 3rd. They will be fine - it will just take a bit of time.


It’s ridiculous how good they’ve been. We’ve been that good, only to have injures our a bad bounce deny us our deserved glory. I think Winnipeg is long over due for some type of calamity. Multiple season ending injuries might end their good times.


That first half was one of the worst halfs in years. Pretty much whatever could go wrong did go wrong.

Bo was missing the deep balls all night but what was really puzzling was his first interception. He threw it directly at the Bomber DB almost like he intended to do that. Really weird decision for a veteran QB with his pedigree.

It was expected that if there was going to be growing pains with this revamped lineup then it would be with the DBs. Well clearly the worries were justified. Collaros and receivers were basically completing passes at will. Orlondo and Washington better figure that part out real soon.

One other area of concern was the Front 7. Very little pressure on Collaros but what bothered me the most was that the LBs were often not in position to make a stop. When the Bombers executed a play close to the line of scrimmage such as a Bubble Screen or Handoff, they were able to slip right through with no LBs in sight.

Overall the score flattered the Cats. If you take away the blocked kicks and scoop and score TDs the game was actually a blowout.

Still though, the foundational pieces are there for a great team. Let’s see how this all evolves over the next few games.


You may not get very many responses to this post because you have nailed every point. I don’t have much to add.

We have to hope that a lot of this can be attributed to the fact that most of the starters barely participated in either of the Preseason games. Time will tell. But at this point, that’s the only thing that we can hang our collective hats on, because that was an UGLY UGLY effort that was even worse than the season-opening losses over the past 2 years.

As @DisplacedCatsFan said, it was embarrassing . . . on many different levels.
Your opening post sums up last night’s performance very well.


you wont see STE play until at least week 7…

  • WTF was Condell thinking calling a long bomb on 2nd and 4 just throw a short pass and get the 1st down. If Bo is going to over throw the WR he cant over throw them if they are short passes… I’ve been saying this for a couple of years… Condell needs to go get Scott M the OC and make a difference… Like i said all of Condell plays when we are at home or when ive seen them in person is so predictable its not even funny.
  • George Jr, I know he is a rookie and all but to trip and fall twice… I know Edwards has some CB/HB experience from speaking with Argo fans i would of said screw George u can sit for rest of game or go to ST since that was a easy 14 pts because of you moved Edwards to HB/CB and moved Wilson over to SLB… We need a vet over at left CB otherwise every team is just gonna throw that way and score a ton of touchdowns
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