Burn the 2023 EDSF Witches - What a Pathetic Season

dont feel like quoting the cats fans who spoke positively about edwards mid year (you know who you are)…but my feelings on Edwards were made on day one, and remained consistent throughout the entire season.

as for next year, I don’t care if shitty Boverrated is back. But if O is back….in any capacity.

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As I understand it, fines are paid by the player and don’t have anything to do with their cap hit.

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bet edwards doesn’t pay a single dime of any fine, and he’ll just never play in the CFL again.

I think Grover was suggesting that with Edwards being suspended for the first three games of next season, would that equate to a Salary Cap saving for whatever team employs him.

IIRC, Sindani had to serve a 2-game suspension this season - did this equate to a Cap savings for Hamilton, or does the team also have to pay the penalty too?

As disciplineandpunish wrote “fines are paid by the players” and have no negative impact on the salary cap, EXCEPT if the player fined-a player fined comes off the active roster- is replaced by a player making more, it will have a negative impact-could be limited-; if the player fined is replaced by a player making less, then the impact will be positive.

Generally speaking, the players are the losers when they are fined.


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Oh, gotcha. I can’t imagine it would be a savings. Would seem to contravene the spirit of suspensions. But I’ll defer to the cap experts.

Difference between fine and suspension.

A player fined remains on the roster; if the player fined makes, let’s say, $6,000. a game and he is fined $2,000, the team has to pay him only $4,000, hence the player loses $2,000 and the team reduction in cap is $2,000.

A player suspended for, let’s say 3 games, is off the roster for these 3 games and receives no pay.

The team will have to replace him on the roster. If the player suspended was making $6,000 a game and is replaced by a player making $5,000, then the teams saves a total of $3,000 on the cap for these 3 games.

If the player suspended is replaced by a player making, let’s say, $500. more per game, then the team pay $1,500 against the cap.

Generally speaking a player suspended is replaced by a player making less, hence the team saves.



The only landing spot for Bo is TSN…In fact that shoulda been his landing spot this year but the ticats also bought a deed to that bridge in New York City when they got Bo. So, getting Bo was not a total waste.

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Haven’t seen any other coach in the league tell their players to stand behind the line as much as Coach O

Clarification on fines.

Fines are collected by the member clubs and turned over to the CFL who then turns it to the CFLPA. Used for many purposes.

Teams don’t gain with League fines to their players.



Not sure anyone spoke positive about him, other than that the one incident with Austin Mack with the fake handshake didn’t warrant being immediately cut (at least that was my opinion) but now with that incident and now this one I’d say probably enough to not bring him back.


Yeah I wasn’t all in with the pitchforks after the Mack incident, but I don’t think Orlondo did much to send any sort of message to him either, even if it was as simple as benching him the next game.

The guy can play, but obviously has a switch he can’t turn off and has lost his head more than once - other teams probably know they can bait him into stuff like this.

To me he was a one year rental when Kam Kelly left, since we were loading up at free agency. My guess is they try Flowers-Lloyd at that spot next year and turn the page on Edwards.


Kam Kelly returning would be huge too


I stopped buying them this year. Sadly, it was a good decision. It was made because I was tired of the ‘key old veteran off-season signing’ routine. I need to see management changes in order to return to the fold.


I know a few people that did that too. After 2021 and then 2022. Hope ownership is paying attention.

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was at the roar store this morning grabbing a bday gift.

place was busy.


Their are times of Mack being sent into coverage with one of Murray, Kendricks or Bosa rushing three or even two dlineman.