Burn the 2023 EDSF Witches - What a Pathetic Season

An 8-10 losing season - same as last year.
Losing the EDSF in Montreal - same as last year.

This has been a complete disaster of a season - on in which the team barely made any progress.
My standout players of the year are Thurman, CF-L, Butler, Katsantonis. McAllister and Godwin were fairly steady.

Even though #12 had another 1000-yd season, Tim-Rex was invisible this game - and was consistantly inconsistant.

@Welder said it best in the PBP thread - a team that didn’t have an owner at the beginning of the year just schooled El Presidente in four straight games this season.

El Presidente elected to have the $500,000 man - the man he unceremoneously dumped Dane Evans for - stand on the sidelines until the last six minutes of a playoff game.

This was beyond embarrassing.


blow up the team. rebuild.


The game coming to a close with Chris Edwards throwing punches, Montreal coaches trying to get at Ticats players and coaches and officials flying to the turf.

And Steinauer with that lost, stupid look on his face.

Fitting end to this season.

Disaster from top to bottom.

This organization has fallen to brawls down 15 with less than a minute left.

Thanks Chris!


Thanks Caretaker for another POS team and season, yes this is on you. IDC what anyone says your a failure regardless of how you do financially with this team. All you’ve done is prolong a culture of losing


Fitting that the season ends as it began: an undisciplined mess.

Fire Steinauer, Washington & Gibson. Immediately.


I would think that sitting BLM with so much on the line almost guarantees that he’s done in Hamilton.

I am shocked that they played Shiltz the majority of the game even when it became clear that he wasn’t particularly effective.


BLM was given a two year contract.

My guess is new coaching staff next year with the mandate of making BLM works.

This is the TiCat way.

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Three-year contract, IIRC.


For what its worth, Liegghio had a great day.

If Small doesn’t return, I would like to see him stick around for year 2


But he’s not guaranteed money next year, right? You could release him before bonus money?

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I am now firmly in the Orlondo has to go camps. What a joke.


Yeah. And im pretty sure he’s due an off season bonus

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If Malonovich becomes our coach, does he go with BLM in 2024, with Powell as a number 2?
That is my guess. Who else would we get as our #1 QB?
There was soooo much wrong with today’s game. I’m not sure the logic of putting BLM in with only 6 minutes left?
My guess is they wait until after the Grey Cup to announce the coaching change.
Does Orlando stay on as President or does he go coach somewhere else?

$175k in Jan of 2024.


If he does it will be for optics only like Austin.

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175k due on January 15th 2024.

Shocking but not shocked at Steinauer anymore. He needs to go


Going to be an interesting offseason. I’m getting a little tired of the mediocrity.


He hasn’t earned the President title in my opinion. Turn the page now while his contract is up.


It’s ok guys, just keep buying season tickets and buying Ti-Cat merch! I trust Bob Young and this management! Even though we have sucked for a long time, I have high hopes for next season! I can’t wait to see what big name player we sign to another huge contract to only generate buzz… I mean help us win the Grey Cup! Woohoo! :grinning: