Burn the 2022 Witches vol.X

Tenth loss.
Lost the season series to a second team in the East.
Evans was stellar and was completely let down by his receivers.
Same mistakes as all season.
Same coaching errors as all season.
A WR who continues to draw a paycheque after dropping/tipping/fumbling more passes than he catches. This after a good game last week, and a decent first half. But when it comes to important plays, he continually fails.
A wasted effort by Wes Hills and David Ungerer.
Going for it at mid-field, failing, and coughing up the lead.
NOT going for it on the 2-yard-line.
The continued employment of Papi White. I feel for the guy's injury, but he has no business being on a professional football field.

Mark Washington is pretty much useless as a DC.
Outscored 20-6 in the second half. This defence folds like a snotty Kleenex after the half. This has happened for two years, and yet this man is still employed. Of course, he's an "Assistant Head Coach" and Orlondo doesn't have the stones to make a move.

Dunbar was invisible until the last drive. Durant was invisible again - and yet he still plays. There are approximately 57,000 out-of-work NFL cuts, and Orlondo and the three blind mice haven't bothered to sign anyone. Tell me why Timmeh and Papi are better than any of them.

I just saw a replay of the missed TD catch, and Hills made it into the end zone on the fake. GREAT call, Condell.

This team has issues from the El Presidente on down. Crappy talent evaluation, crappy players still on the team, and crappy coaching.

But, oh well, at least we have a team to cheer for...



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The 6 in the second half is just as bad as the 20.
The offense wasn't very good tonight. 16 points doesn't win in this league.
But, the coaching was bad. Penalties were bad. And, the defense didn't get any sacks or turnovers.


I have nothing to say because the same issues keep coming up...

The rest of this lost year ( many lost years in the last 50 years) is for evaluating talent for next year.

that is all...

By the way, there was a coterie of the "Real Fans" brigade last week that were chortling how they were going to save threads to basically rub our noses in it after the coming Tiger -Cat success after beating the Bummers last week....

Where are they???...They seem to be silent???


Post-game interviews with players from both teams made it clear why we lost.

Our guys need to communicate more frequently with their lord and saviour.


This has to be the quietest "Burn the Witches" thread ever . . . sign of the times, I guess.
@DisplacedCatsFan made a lot of comments; I have highlighted six (6) of them to respond to . . .

  1. Dane Evans did play very well tonight. BUT he badly underthrew Tim White plus it was behind him as well, on the post pattern early in the 4th Q. If Dane puts that ball where it is supposed to be, that is a TD. White had to stop running & twist his body around . . .
  2. I thought Tim White was the most dynamic player on O, including some excellent KO returns from him today.
  3. First of all, I wanted them to give Wes Hill another chance on 2nd down. But I believe you are referring to 3rd Down. IMO having blown it on 2nd down, you have to take the points that give you the lead at that point. And then rely upon your D to go out there and win the game. But ultimately, you have to be able to score in 2 attempts from the 5 or 6 yard line . . .
  4. I wasn't sure if you were joking here . . . Durant was not handed a helmet for this game; he was literally invisible.
  5. I understand your position. But IMO Tim White is a very dynamic player already, and will continue to get better. I am OK with him coming back in 2023. Not a Papi fan though.
  6. I saw that replay as well . . . but that does not mean anything. Hill slipped between 2 Alouette defenders to get into the endzone, as you suggest, but they knew he did not possess the ball. Neither one of them attempted to tackle him. If he was handed the ball on that exact play, he would have had to break a tackle to get over the goal line. It's possible, but no guarantee.

"This has to be the quietest "Burn the Witches" thread ever..."

Some people have realized what we are ( this REALLY bothers the "Real Fans")...

A crappy sub .500 team whose front office threw the towel in on the season back in the off season...

Hence the acceptance of the objective reality...

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Tim. White. Is. Horrible.

The man is incapable of any sense of consistency.
A REAL receiver makes those plays.
Who cares if Durant puts a helmet on or not - he achieved the same output.

We had two chances to score a TD from the 2 yard line. Wes Hill had been romping, and Condell/Orlondo tried, once again, to be too cute. Run. The. Ball.

I thought Orlondo had a killer instinct. I have been proven wrong again.

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That play had me throwing pillows at the TV.

It's 100% that Hills would have got in on either 2nd or 3rd down.


Seems anticlimactic to have a second “Burn Volume X” thread in under two weeks. (Even with a different year in the title. Maybe that’s what’s throwing people off?)

Also why do you keep saying “Real Fans” in quotes?



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Found one...

Didn't even have try terribly hard....

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Durant didn't dress this game Ternowski played in that SB spot instead


At least I am happy about one thing, we have a set of QB's to work with. We just
have to improve almost everywhere else.


Then there was the third and two gamble at midfield when Hamilton was up by one. Could have pinned Montreal deep with a punt. Instead the turnover gave Montreal momentum.


I just want to be the first to congratulate the team on securing their 4th 10th loss season in the past 6 years . Also congrats go out for now having 26 seasons since 1960 with 10 or more losses on the year . Finally kudos for also reaching your 29th time since 1960 playing under .500 ball for the season .

"GOOD JOB BOYS !!! " :roll_eyes:

"SLOW , VERY SLOW CLAP !!!" :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:


Not many offensive coordinators in the CFL will run all game, even when it’s working. Montreal didn’t have an answer for Wes Hills, yet Condell only gave him 10 carries. He had a TD run at the start of the second, then only 3 more carries until midway through the fourth! :crying_cat_face:

The Ticats(Condell) ran 10 plays on 2nd or 3rd and short.
Guess how many were handoffs to Hills?
It went for a touchdown! :scream_cat:

Just a terrible crushing missed opportunity! :rage: