Burn the 2022 Witches Vol. X

With us playing the Bombers next and watching how they're dismantling the Riders in the Banjo Bowl , I figured we might as well start this thread early and get it out of the way .


(Somebody can explain this to the youngsters in the house.)


You saved me the effort. Thanks!


Bombers tattoo the Sliders 54 - 20 . Anybody seriously think we have a shot next week against these guys ?

Who are we blaming for the loss to WPG?

Our third string water-boy and the guy selling stale popcorn in the stands .

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Let's face it here , with both the Dirty Birds and Anchors both winning this weekend we are basically unofficially done for this season . The last 6 games should just be a 6 game stretch of auditions for next years training camp .

Remember when we off loaded Johnny Football to Montreal and we were on top of the world? Good times.


That was what ? a thousand years ago ? or something like that anyway it seems .

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Nothing really left to say for this season. Going to be interesting come post Grey Cup. They f’d up this year. Will we see improvements or same old?

f'd up is putting it mildly . There is honestly no reason in the world that this team should have the shitty record that they have at this point of the season .


So, is it the players or the coaches?

I'd have to say a good mix of both with a slightly heavier leaning to coaching and upper management .

There seems to be a real problem in assessing player talent by the three headed monster GM set up and a real lack of coaching from Orlondo on down the line . A good coaching staff will always find a way to win no matter the circumstances . A bad coaching staff (like ours) will usually always find a way to lose no matter the circumstances .

As for the players we have no one on this team that steps up with a big play when needed , especially when the game is on the line and all that is needed is one big play to seal the deal . My guess is that next years roster will be vastly different then this current one with more than a few players shown the door . The thing of it is if the players shown the door are the right ones or not.


It’s the Paradox of the Tiger-Cat Fan.

  1. “There is not a single talented player on our roster. I want them all gone.”


  1. “If any of them ends up playing for another team, it was a massive mistake to let them go. Also, Calvillo.”

There is a reason,
It's because we stink!

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Seemingly somebody called "execution".

Sounds scary. I heard the remedy was something called " try again next year".

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Agree! I cringe every time I hear an interview where Coach O or a player says "we just have to execute" (maybe because I've always been against the death penalty?).

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I can think of 24 000 Cat fans who will show up with exactly that belief .

I highly doubt that there will be 24,000 in actual attendance at this game . In fact I wouldn't be at all surprised to see less than 20,000 tickets actually sold and only around 14 to 16 thousand actually in the stands when this game kicks off next Saturday .

I can remember sitting in section 7 at Ivor Wynn and imploring the team doctor Jim Charters to send in some plays as the Cats struggled . :grinning: