Burn the 2022 Witches Vol.VIII

Starting this one before the game's even over.

Dand had his worst game as a Tiger-Cat. Not a good look coming off injury.

BOTH of the Whites are worse than useless. Timmeh and Papi are simply wastes of money and roster positions.

Durant finally made a good play. Only took him 11 games to start to earn his paycheque. He was invisible after his TD.

Seth Small is a keeper. Why the brain trust running this team cut him in Training Camp is beyond me. If we had even an AVERAGE Kicker, we likely win three games.

This mess is on Orlondo. All of it. His player personnel decisions, his "Assistant Head Coach" decisions, his game planning.

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I think once Newman is healthy, give him alot of reps and go with Shiltz-1a and him.1b
Until then just keep losing.

This team is headed to a possible #1 draft pick again. We all know of the success of the cats picking #1. Grade of “F”. Please trade it.

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I always favored Masoli over Evens but I cant help but feel sympathy for Evens tonight. He is not great, but he is better than he was today.


Sincerely... ANYONE would be better at QB than Evans. It's not like he just goes 2 and out. Or doesn't;t score. He turns the ball over for points. Every game. EVERY GAME. So yes... give some one else a shot at experience.

Why is this so difficult to grasp

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This season is over. We need to see what we have in Shiltz and 3rd string QB (currently on PR). So yes, bench Evans for the rest of the season unless needed due to injury.

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Well let's start with the bad news....We lost again
And now for the good news.....There is only seven games left in this season .


Need to bring June Jones back starting on Labour Day. Worked before...


Cross-posting from the PBP thread:

After this game, I would say that Dane needs to sit for a while. He looks like he's playing hurt. The thing is, I'm not sure we have anyone who can step in and win games.

I dont think its injury related.he started the year 0 and 4 and was a turnover machine.shiltz has shown some promise at least

That's bad news and worst news.....most of us are so addicted to the team for so long ...that we can't ignore them.

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If Shiltz broke something tonight, then he's out for a few games at least. If Evans' shoulder is not right, the team still started him tonight and will give him all the reps and start him on Labour Day. The only certainty is that these two guys are the only two possible starters next game.

They have extra days to coach up the other guys.how bad can it be .bring back watford

Thanks, Dane…


If Shiltz is healthy, it's time to give him the reins. Evans needs to sit and rebuild his confidence.

If Shiltz isn't healthy, hard to know what to do going forward. Tough spot for the team.

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Looks like Evans was hurt again in the fourth quarter. If he can’t go on Labour Day they better hope Newman is available. Morton is basically a pull the ball down and run guy at this stage. It will be the Watford offence and game plan at that point

What was Watford's record as a starter last year? 2 and 0 I think.


The only certainty is that we get smoked on Labour Day . Believe me , take it to the bank . After next week can you say 3 and 9 ? I knew you could !!!