Burn the 2022 Witches Vol.VII

For some reason, this team simply CANNOT cover or tackle Eugene Lewis.

Tim White had himself his best game.

One could argue that the decision to NOT give up the Safety was a turning point. Not sure the same play would have been made on the ensuing TD, but field position would have been better.

DomaCRAPa lived up to his nickname again with another BRUTAL punt in the 4th.

I hate to say it, but Woods III and Burt are probably done for the year.

Without Dane starting, this team will NOT make the playoffs.

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Mark Washington deserves some scrutiny - especially this game. Too many times his Defence has crapped the bed in the second half. People criticize Condell, but the Defence continues to fall asleep in the second half of all games this year (and last)...


Another 4th quarter where the defender gives it up. A sad state of affairs.

To be fair one of the guys on the D line was one arm away for a sack. It sucks to get burnt again. One play changes the game. Dunbar missed catch (slightly behind) , a missed tackle with 15 to play, and it goes on. We really needed this game. Looks like Woods and Burt gone now too. ET said it best - OUCH!

But yes, I agree Washington does deserve scrutiny. Too many long plays ending in lost games.

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Bye bye playoffs.

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Breakdowns by every part of the team.

Just not a good team.


Their excuse for not making the playoffs will be the old reliable " Injuries hurt us this
year" what else is new?

Our defence is pretty solid overall but it seems that when they need to shut it down they don't. After Small got the go-ahead FG all of us here watching the game agreed that Harris would easily march down the field in a couple of plays. Sure enough 3 plays later they are lining up for the game winning FG.

This has been a problem with Washington's defence since last year.


Well, he is the league's leading receiver, which he wouldn't be if he were easy to cover or tackle man to man. Particularly when you guys had serious injuries in the secondary (Ciante Evans and one other guy, right). Montreal has enough receiver firepower that you can't double-cover Lewis either.

Anyhow, this game was a toss-up. Cats could easily have won, and with the East in the shape it's in, a playoff spot AND the division are still well within Hamilton's reach.

Kudos to Shiltz and Tim White for great games.


Relax everyone. Cats will get them back in the playoffs.

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Ticats go back to La Belle Province next month (23rd) for the "rubber match" which they NEED to win to take the season series - especially if these two teams are still close in the standings which I suspect that they will be.

Agree that it was anyone's game. Both teams made enough mistakes - Ticats needed to capitalize a bit better on their opportunities to come out ahead.


It's funny you think we will even MAKE the playoffs...


I don't think this was a "Washington's defence" issue, more of just poor fundamental play. On the second play, Leonard failed on tackling Lewis at the M54 and allowed him 16 YAC into game winning FG position.


It's been a "Washington's Defence Issue" for two seasons.


Which year? :smile:

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Lets not forget we were missing our QB, best defensive player and 2-DBs.

And still should have won.


So you don't believe in Coach O's next up theory?

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True too many important injuries

Another game lots are saying we should have or could have won. Problem is we never do.


Thank you. Thank you. I’ll be here all weekend. Try the beef.