Burn the 2022 Witches Vol.VI

This was a "must win" game if we had any hope of caching the blew team in the standings.

Our receiving corps took a huge hit with Addison appearing to suffer an Achilles injury in the first quarter.
Then Mike Jones (who was having a decent game) gets creamed and has a rib injury just before the half.
Dunbar, Durant, and White became invisible in the second half. NOBODY seems to be able to get open, hence the check-down passes. They are simply not good enough for this League.

Time Of Possession was VERY slanted in our favour, so the Defence did NOT get gassed.
ST breakdowns for the second week in a row. That may be because of injuries, but to leave a guy unblocked in punt protection...

Three plays in a row, receivers failed to get open. First Dunbar, then nobody, then Burt.

This team is now 2-6 this season. There are major deficincies with this team. Those deficincies have been apparant for two seasons now. Unfortunately, SOMEBODY needs to be fired. With Khari here, it could be Condell, because El Presidente Orlondo ain't gonna fire himself.

Is it too soon for the NFL cut signings?


Let's face it - this ain't our time. We just can't hold a lead; we fall apart in the second half (conditioning issue?). We should focus on starting to fix the problem areas to prepare for the 2023 season where we need to be in the Grey Cup game.


This team can’t play 60 minutes.


Fortunately the Argos are not a very good team.

Cats are probably the most front office heavy team in the league. Owners. Presidents. GMs. “Consultants”…and no one appears to be accountable. Curious.


We need to be in the Grey Cup game in 2023 ??? Why ??? So we can do what ? Oh I know , so we can do what we do best and that is LOSE !!! It's something that we are pretty good at as history has shown us .

Well, maybe, just maybe, 2023 will be the year where hell freezes over!


Keep hoping because it ain't gonna happen with this sad sack team .

Prove me wrong !!!

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Bobo, I can't prove (or proof) you wrong. I think you need a banana shake to calm you down tonight. :smiley:

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Our offense is terrible. That includes Evans. He missed Jones for a touchdown on the first play. He missed Dunbar for touchdowns.
Are receivers not open, or is Evans trying to force it in? I was at the BC game. The last chance third down, Jackson was wide open for a dump off for an easy first and more. Evans threw to a covered receiver.
I think it appears that no one is open because he throws to the wrong guy.
He has no poise in the pocket. Other quarterbacks (Collaros, Masoli) thrive off the broken plays and second and third looks. Evans panics and makes poor decisions.


Special teams awful in the second half and that was basically what started our downfall. Began with Woods’ strange decision to take the ball out after letting it bounce. Then the missed block on the punt.

Another strange play call - we had a 2nd and 4 on what was our second drive of the third qtr I believe. Instead of trying to convert and keep the drive going we inexplicably go for a low percentage bomb to Kiondre Smith. Really killed momentum after we had a nice long drive to start the third. You could see the loss of Addison big time especially on second down conversions. Find it hard to believe we can’t get one guy open for a 5 yard pass to keep drives going.


I should point out that the O-line is playing better now. Not great, but better.

Acklin would look pretty good in our lineup, amirite?


Abandoning the run game when it's working well must be part of the Condell master plan.

I love the play call to pitch it back 7 yards to Jackson when we were on the Argo 12. Brilliant.

This offence SUCKS. BAD. So does special teams. It's a shame because the D is championship quality. One TD all night.. WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW! Where do I sign up for tickets to watch????? So exciting!!!!

Gutless coaching and a mediocre QB. We'll be lucky to win ONE of these 4 games. We just got out coached by Ryan Dinwiddie! lol. Great.


It's not just that the O can't score, they routinely give up points!

**** this team. Nothing but misery from these gutless clowns.

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We Suck! :poop:


Is it too late to call them a "bunch of overpaid bums"?

Fire Condell, and put Coach Jones together with a trade with the Als for Adams.


If not for a stiff breeze VS Ottawa and last week's MVP (the concussion spotter) this team would 0-8.

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Acklin would help but I think it goes beyond talent. Nobody looks nearly as good as they did in the past. Addison just seems to catch a lot of underneath stuff where he used to be a deep threat. Tim White has disappeared after a couple decent games earlier and showed some big play potential last year. Dunbar I’d say is on par with where he was late last year - some great plays, some inconsistency. Our offence looked good most of the first half and into the third quarter. Then nothing. I’m at a loss really. You can see the doubt on the players faces as soon as something goes against them in the second half. Basically the same coaching staff from 2019. How do we keep getting outcoached and collapse in the 3rd and 4 th every week?

Do we need a sports psychologist (or maybe three)? If this keeps up I may need one.


And that is precisely why I have always said that Evans is not, and likely never will be, a franchise QB. He has occasionally shown that he can come into a game as a backup and do a capable job. But dismal performances in two consecutive Grey Cup games, a lackluster 2021 season, and a disastrous 2022 so far, proves that 2019 was more a credit to the outstanding supporting cast he had that year, than to Evans himself.