Burn the 2022 Witches Vol.V

The good: We held BC to 17 points.
The bad: We lost a gut-wrenching game.
The ugly: Our recievers are completely incapable of getting open. Three was literally NOBODY for Dane to throw to on that third-down attempt.

All of a sudden, we found a running game. Great game-planning and play-calling by Condell.

Once again, a missed FG loomed huge. If our kicker had simply done his job - on a chip-shot FFS - we would have been down TWO POINTS and could have attempted a last-second FG in a DOME.

Dane put the entire team on his shoulders. Tim White is simply not a pro-calibre WR. Dunbar has promise, and Addison is finally starting to play well.

The challenge on the No Yards penalty I felt was the correct call. Unfortunately, that loomed large because Orlondo couldn't challenge either a REALLY shitty spot or a clear DPI late in the game.

The O-Line is starting to solidify, and Dane had more time in the pocket. This also helped out the running game. It's about frickin' time.

This is a game we COULD have won, and we were right in there with a top-tier team. It's still a loss, however.


Better game; but offence still fails to score points....reminds me of some of the Masoli games ....300 yards passing and a loss.
Addison used to be wide open couple of years ago when he played beside speedy....now the recievers have no ONE reciever that takes double coverage
Condell's play calling an improvement.
Shiltz is too predictable on short yardage...we need a push up tje middle...this east - west thing just gets us in trouble.

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In principle, I don't like the idea of spending a challenge when the best possible outcome is a modest difference in field position. Save it for when it might really matter: putting points on the board, taking opponent points off the board, turnover, extending a drive in a critical situation, stopping an opponent's drive in a critical situation.

I get that you never know which play will make the difference, but to me the challenge on that play would only have made sense if we had a shot at gaining possession.


[quote="DisplacedCatsFan, post:1, topic:79530"]
...was the correct call. Unfortunately, that loomed large because Orlondo couldn't challenge either a REALLY shitty spot or a clear DPI late in the game.The O-Line is starting to solidify, and Dane had more time in the pocket. This also helped out the running game. It's about frickin' time.This is a game we COULD have won, and we were right in there with a top-tier team. It's still a loss, however.
, no back blocking for Evans on blitz downs , no fullback on crucial short yardage downs, , so many missed field goals and point afters maybe its the holder ?

Thoroughly enjoyed that football game.
The CFL really has something going this year . . . with very few exceptions, every game is still up for grabs until the very end . . . and this game was no exception.
Of course someone needs to let the Season Ticket Holders at THF in on this little secret. Far too many are heading for the exits with minutes left in the game, even while the game still hangs in the balance. Not sure where they are headed . . . perhaps they have a reservation at Timmies . . . sorry, not really relevant to this game, but definitely a pet peeve of mine.

Getting back to this game . . .
the 'Cats travel to Vancouver on a short week, to play against a rested BC Lions team with the most potent offence in the CFL, & our D played fantastic. They defended every blade of grass (or every blade of urethane).
On offence, there were several plays where the execution needs to be better, but for the most part, I agree with DCF, the O-Line was very good; they were solid. We turned the ball over on a third down gamble midway through the 4th Q, but that was because of a missed block by Don Jackson . . . which brings me to the next point, I absolutely loved Coach O's aggressive decision-making during this game. Very exciting to watch. The 'Cats laid it all on the line.

Finally, Dane had his best game of the season. He had more passing yards last week, but he looked way more comfortable in the pocket this week, even when the Lions were applying pressure . . . this is a good sign for the Offence.

And Tommy Condell's Offence was much more balanced today. They stuck with the run even when it was not working early. And the Hail Mary pass that Condell drew up for the final play of the game was brilliant . . . almost worked.

Very exciting to see how the 2022 Tiger-Cats are growing as this journey continues.
Now it is time to eat over the next few weeks . . . it is FEEDING TIME !!!


The reffing is infuriating. The fact we have to risk a timeout because the refs can't seem to do their job properly is getting to be too much.

It might be time for a ref in the pressbox to be able to call down and let the onfield crew know when they missed a call.


Maybe it's Maybelinne. The whole thing is an aviation disaster. It's just not good. You would go nuts trying to figure out this mess. It's total. I have no interest in this product. It's not even worth discussing because it's disgusting.

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That's true. Masoli has been doing the same thing in Ottawa. Rack up a ton of pass yards, but can't find the endzone.

Well, if that is how you feel,
"Don't let the door hit you in the behind !! But please send us a post card when your plane finally lands . . . LOL !!! "


The two 3rd downs that we failed to execute late in the game were brutal play calls. We had a 3rd and 3 on the BC 11 yard line and so we throw a low percentage fade route. Then on our next possession we throw the ball deep on 3rd and 10. WTF? Why throw those passes with the game on the line?

So to sum up when we need a safe 3 yard pass to extend a drive we end up throwing deep and when we need 14 yards on a 2nd and 14 then we throw a 5 yard pass. Either way we're punting or turning it over. Incredibly frustrating to watch.


I partially agree with what you are saying, but without some inside knowledge, we really don't know who the primary receiver (the intended target) is on any play, unless the QB throws it right away. The targeted receivers on those particular plays might have been the 2nd or 3rd options . . . I am sure you know what I mean.


Nobody. Could. Get. Open.

I don't know beyond 1st and 2nd targets, but on a passing 2nd down, at least the first 2 targets should be near or beyond the FD marker. Otherwise you're totally dependent on hard fought YAC yards.

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Exactly CC. Those YAC yards aren't happening when the reciever has 3 defenders draped over him about one second after he catches it. It's almost like the offence has given up on the drive and just grabs a few more yards of field position before they punt it.

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Last week when we played Ottawa I specifically watched from the stands which receivers were getting seperation. There was at least 5-6 times that I saw a wide open receiver that was missed by Dane. It looked like they were not the primary target as Dane didn't even look their way. In one instance Dunbar had nobody around him and was waving his hands frantically but the pass went elsewhere.


And this is why I chose sleep. Is it worth watching?



Coulda been a lot worse with short turnaround, long trip, time difference. Dane took better control of the ball. I wll take the positives and see what Khari can cook up with upcoming games against division rivals. But please: ditch the white jersey and white pants combo.


Its time to stop making silly excuses. There were some terrible personnel decisions made during the off-season. Evans definitely has to go. Any other team would have already gotten rid of him. He has never demonstrated that he has what it takes to be a starter. (Keep in mind that more than half of his 2019 TD passes were to receivers that the team obviously deemed expendable.) The team can't do any worse with a QB change. They have already lost to every western team with Evans at the helm. The time is long overdue to make some serious adjustments. The fans are demanding it.

Not this fan. Like the late great Ron Lancaster said, the most popular guy on a football team is the back up QB.
I think Evans is a good starter and dont see a need to start Shiltz. Evans is cleaning up his ball control last two games. He is as good as any starter in the East division.


I don't mind a power rush up the middle at times but not on 3rd down...everyone in the park including the defense knows where you are going.