Burn the 2022 Witches Vol.IX

I don't know what to say except that this dumpster-fire of a season is ALL a result of the incompetant person wearing the headset on the sidelines.

I certainly hope Bob finally grows a pair and fires his useless butt after this disgrace. Khari couldn't do any worse with the personnel Orlondo chose.


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Hello first round draft pick. Like we’re good at evaluating new talent…


I don't think we even HAVE one with all our trades with Edmonton. We might actually not have ANY draft positions... lol

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Draft number one and be placed on injured list before camp

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This loss is mostly on coach O in my humble opinion.

As usual, they were in the game going into the 4th quarter.
I think it was a very poor decision to pull Newman. It was his first start, and a 3 point game with the wind at his back. Give him a chance for gawd sakes.

And why didn't he come in for the 3rd down run?

I think he showed poise and had them in a position to win in his first start, and the coach decided he wouldn't get a chance.


Bob is and has always been the whole problem. You don't bring out the good wine once the guests have already drunk. Nobody dares call him out for gratitude for saving the team but what did he save? The City's reputation as a loser? I wonder what the price difference was that Banks demanded? Probably some pocket change for the alleged Billionaire Bob. Without Banks this sorry pathetic excuse never had an offense. He got another promising starting quarterback killed because he's either too cheap or too dumb to see the offensive line are a bunch of ballerinas out there not knowing who to pick up and block. On that 3rd down stuff nobody got any push off. It's pathetic. The whole team and organization is pathetic finding ways to lose quarterbacks, close games, and Grey Cups. Wake up Robert.


Did not even watch the game saw this coming ..
they need to blow it up and start over ..
fire front office coaches ect .. Start Over..

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Question: Would trading for Bo help this team???


even Bo can't fix this the rott is too deep

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Can they afford him without letting some with big paychecks go?

No. No QB can help this team as it stands


Only if he brings his offensive line, receivers and running backs and offensive coordinator


A very good friend of mine exclaimed tha the best thing about this game was the advertisement for "Andor"... lol

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Be sure to watch the post game presser live. Anything other than fluff questions will be deleted. This loss is on him


Looking forward to reading more of your insights. What did you think the turning point was for this game?

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Jackson maybe

This game (and the miserable season) is 100% on the coaches.

Pulling Newman was the biggest boneheaded move I have seen all season.

Someone must be fired for this.

It's a good time to do it.


I doubt it. . . I think any major changes will happen in the off season.