Burn the 2022 Witches Vol. IV

Soooo does anyone remember back in 2017 when we were 0-8 ? Halfway there boys . Don't blow it now :roll_eyes:


Dane looks out of shape and he is largely responsible for each of the losses due to not protecting the ball. Orlando is stubborn he just refuses to see the advantage of having the wind in the 4th quarter. A lot of empty seats tonight, expect more in the future.

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yeah, Calvillo, what ever happened to him? Oh yeah. 2000 - CFL CFL East All-Star
2002 - CFL CFL All-CFL
2002 - CFL CFLPA All-Star
2002 - CFL CFL East All-Star
2003 - CFL CFL All-CFL
2003 - CFL CFLPA All-Star
2003 - CFL CFL East All-Star
2006 - CFL CFL East All-Star
2008 - CFL CFL East All-Star
2008 - CFL CFLPA All-Star
2008 - CFL CFL All-CFL
2009 - CFL CFL All-CFL
2009 - CFL CFLPA All-Star
2009 - CFL CFL East All-Star
2010 - CFL CFL East All-Star
2010 - CFL CFLPA All-Star
2011 - CFL CFLPA All-Star
2011 - CFL CFL East All-Star
2012 - CFL CFL All-CFL
2012 - CFL CFL East All-Star


I'd like to reiterate that THIS WAS A ROOKIE QB IN HIS FIRST GAME and our D played safe and passive for most of the night.

I'd like to know who you folks think we can beat. Because Edmonton is a BAD team. I don't think there's a team the Cats can get a win against. Maybe Labour Day because it's Labour Day? Maybe a late season garbage win? Maybe a stormy night or a snow-day win where weird bounces go our way?

Straight up we won't win a game though. The coaching is terrible and our O can't score.


Dane turned over the ball three times for short fields. Hard to blame the D. Fumble for TD too.


17 points, there, for the Elks.
Our offence scored 1 TD, 3 FGs, and gave up a safety -- Net 14 points.
That's the story.


I agree. Although the D was hardly inspiring, you can't cough up the ball like that (especially late and for a defensive TD) and expect your defence to win.


How far were we ahead at the half? Twelve points or something? Gotta protect the lead, and Washington had the defence playing like wet tissue paper. It was an OUA ROOKIE QB who beat us, and the few times I actually saw pressure on him, he folded. Why Washington can't figure that out when it's as plain as the nose on his face...


Another agree.

This is on Condell and Evans. Both have to go IMO.

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I am truly surprised that Washington didn't grind that rookie Edmonton QB into powder with an aggressive, blitz-heavy defense. That's the textbook way to beat a rookie QB. Get after him and knock him around, make him hear footsteps and pressure him into mistakes. If he stays calm and throws hot and receivers respond, he can beat the blitz, but you won't know if you never try. Very odd.


Wes Hills 34 ran hard.


The D needed to make a play tonight and didn't. That stinks, but it happens.

All the O had to do was not give the opponent a TD. They're not just bad... they're a war crime.

The kick return td made it look better than it was. Statswise the first half was fairly even.


Hard to argue that. Same as Calgary game.

they had an interception. Kelly Kameron

Right. Plus we also got help with a ST touchdown and still couldn't outscore the lowly Elks with a rookie QB in his first career start.

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The O is unfixable with Condell and Evans at the helm. But the D is frustrating to watch and has the talent!!! It's just bad, passive coaching. I'd rather watch the Cats give up points on D while going for it, rather than this loose zone/rush 4 IN THE SAME SPOTS vanilla junk. Remember when Hamilton D used to be ferocious? I miss that. There is nothing scary or intimidating about this team anymore. It's embarrassing.

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At this point it's just going to be an evaluation season, which players can be kept as a core group. If Bob Young really wants to win next year, he is going to have to break out the chequebook.

And just so it's clear, I'm not against us buying a cup at this point. In fact, for the fanbase's collective sanity, I encourage it.


Beaten by a USports QB?? Only thing worse would be beaten by the U of T Blues QB.

I didnt know DE was USports?