Burn the 2022 Witches Vol. IV

Game thoughts.

  1. Sean Thomas Erlington is proving to be worse than useless.
  2. WTF did Orlondo take the wind in the 1st and 3rd?
  3. It would be nice if our receivers could actually get open once in a while. Dane had lots of time in the pocket, and nobody getw open.
  4. Kelly got beaten like a government mule on two successive plays for sacks. Inexcusable.
  5. While ST-E clanked another pass off his hands, Dane needs to take some oomph off the ball.
  6. Papi White is worse than useless. He's taking an American roster position from someone.
  7. Once again, coaching decisions and mind-boggling defensive schemes coughed up another 4th-quarter puke-fest.
  8. Why is it impossible to fid a receiver who can gain separation and actually get open?
  9. Hills had a fairly decent game at RB.
  10. It boggles the mind why they continue to give Papi White the football.
  11. Ball. Security. Dane coughed it up again. No excuses for this one.

The President of Football Operations needs to fire his Head Coach for making these decisions.

Heads need to roll. I will give Colin Kelly a pass in his first game here in a different positinf for him. ST-E has screwed up in two straight games, so it's his time to ride the pines. Papi White is horrible and should be released outright. Gibbon isn't good enough, yet.

This has the possibility of being worse than 1-17...


My opening post in the PBP thread:

"I am hoping for a win. Edmonton has looked horrible so far, with a rookie Canadian QB listed as the starter on their depth chart.

While some may not like the idea of a "must win" game, this has the feelings of one. I am expecting MUCH better ball security from Dane and the RBs/WRs, I am expecting GOOD coaching decisions (clock management, situational awareness (ie: take the points), etc), and I expect progress on the same errors that have plagued the team all year (third-quarter shutouts, fourth-quarter slumps).

My opinion is that if they lose, then there should be people losing their jobs. Be them players, coaches, or front office types, if you're not performing, you should be on the way out.

Am I the only one who's not exactly excited for this game?"

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If Condell and Gibson arent given the bums rush monday morning im going to be sick to my stomach. Make that Papi White as well


The rot starts at the top, and that's the Great And Powerful Orlondo.


Shiltz should get the start next game. I don’t know why but Dane is his own worst enemy this season. He needs to regroup.

Why did coach O let the Elks have the wind in the fourth quarter?

This team continues to play like crap in the second half. Always finding ways to lose. I don’t see them making the playoffs this year. Als and RBs are better teams.


No one will get fired. Promoted is more likely. This coaching staff will stay in place as long as they want to be here.

I saw this coming a mile away when Condell wasn't fired last year. Why are we calling a sweep plays late in the game on a hot night when the Edmonton D line is exhausted??? We were in trouble on the 2nd and 4 when we didn't run it up the gutt and settled for 3 points after a sweep play that lost 2 yards.

Also, the O has given up at least a TD in every game. This isn't a prepared team, this isn't a talented team, this isn't a team with heart or confidence. You could cut half the O and no one would pick them up.

The D played it's worst game of the year. Almost no pressure on a college QB. They gave him the respect of an all-star, playing 15 yards off the line and rarely blitzing. I don't get it. This team is unwatchable. Poorly coached, poorly trained, no weapons, no identity and soon no fans. I wouldn't take free tickets to watch this joke of a team.


Wow just Wow

On the bright side I picked up one of these yesterday at 7-11


If the players are only going to play half a game, then pay them for half a game. Simple logic.
And being beat by a USports QB??? Embarrassing.


Yes as I said two gmes ago if we are 0-4 and lose to the Elks we are in serious trouble.

We without doubt are the worst team in the cfl.
Cant win, cant hold onto a lead.

It was the special teams kick return for a TD that put us in the lead.

Dont take the wind so many bonehead calks and amatuer QB beats us at home.

Shame and I dont see any easy ways out. We just dont have the management and players.


HAM won the toss and chose to take the wind to start the game, so EDM had the 2nd half choice and chose to have the wind at their backs in the 4th.
I can understand questioning Steinauer's start-of-the-game decision but, in his defence, I was so suprised by the pre-game wind that I re-checked the hourly forecasts, from both The Weather Network and the government weather office. Both showed the winds as being westerly @ 4-6 km/hr., and remaining that way through the game.

In my opinion, .
.1). when Dane Evans was pressured in the 2019 grey cup game he fumbled a few times. If you pressure him , he doesnt protect the ball and turns it over.
2) the offensive coordinator needs to be replaced. I watched this game , and one of their best receivers was Addison , with his speed and yac yards but they dont utilize him any more.
3) Wrong plays called at the wrong time by the coaches.. Maybe use the run with play action to set up the pass and use screens to keep the D , honest.
4)this team is a mess and I still believe this was year was a money dump because the 23 grey cup is in Hamilton Again.
I would not have a problem watching the backup shiltz start. Dane Evans needs to be benched when he starts turning the ball over. these are things I have seen, just my opinion.


I won't watch another game. I'm done being miserable every week and throwing money away to watch them lose. I'm taking the ticket money and going out for dinner during every home game. FAR better way to spend $100-$150.

And I don't want to hear any cheer leaders accusing me of being a fair weather fan. I have been to at least 5 home games a year since 1980 and I am DONE.

This team won't win this year. Teams are going to look forward to playing this joke of an O.


Tommy the OC has to go. He coached one good half against Calgary and has completely abandoned what he learned from that game.
Today's play calling was truly baffling.

8 interceptions and 5 fumbles by Dane. He is simply killing our chances of winning at the worst possible moments. He looks panicked. No pocket presence at all even when he has time. I said it before... the calming effect of having Masoli around is gone and it shows.

Not taking the wind is inexcusable. More mind cramps from the coaches that cost games.

This is really bad. Expect some changes coming in the bye week.


I honestly think Dane is getting shellshocked.

As in, Anthony Calvillo shellshocked.


I'm telling you, there will be no one fired. Condell will be here as long as he wants. It's going to drag this franchise down, but it's a fact. I hope I am wrong and Condell is on a plane to anywhere but here.


I remember that very well. Calvillo actually refused to play his last game because he feared for his long term health. Who could blame him. Look at the mess now...

Even the Argos saw that he was wasting their time.

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All this talk about Condell and Gibson, but why no talk about Washington and his second-half defensive gafes?

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Yup, I was thinking that as well.

Evans pick: Elks score 3
Evans pick: Elks score 7
Evans fumble: Elks score 7

Let's blame Orlondo. Let's blame Domagala. Let's blame Masoli.