Burn the 2022 Witches Vol. III

After the Canada Day game, where they will be playing wearing their new Prison Grey unis.

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Field Goals don't win championships. Not saying we don't need a more reliable place kicker, but that's hardly the issue. The issue heading into the year is/was/has always been questionable O Line, lack of weapons and a predictable, bland, unimaginative O co-ordinator. And that was BEFORE the injuries. With this banged up group I believe we may not win a game until key players return. I hope I am wrong on this because it may be too late to challenge for a playoff spot by the time that happens.

I still feel the D is better than average and will improve each week. But when the O can't score and also coughs up a fumble/pick 6 every game it's demoralizing to the D. Condell is going to sink this team. I have no idea why he is still here. And I still have trouble understanding how we let so many explosive players leave and replaced them with mediocre (at best) players. I also have trouble sleeping when thinking about how the O-Line was not addressed in off season. This management is taking steps backward while the east of the league evolves. Nice reward for a great fan base.



When the starting quarterback is having problems, do you bring in the backup?

Which of Evans 2 INTs are your pinning to him?

The one off the receivers hands and on to the Winnipeg's player, or the other one that went off the receivers hands and to a Winnipeg player.


If you look at the Cats' three games as one, they've outscored their opponents by 1 point through the first 3 quarters, and have been outscored by 44 points in the second half, including by 30 points in the 4th quarter.

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Last year: All of the above was Masoli's fault.

This year: Al of the above is Orlondo's fault.


It staryed years ago when the great poster Oski-Qui-Qui used it after a game as a thread title (referencing the Monty Python movie, and it has become a fun tradition around here (which some serious types thoroughy hate).


It was addressed. We signed Fontana, who was competing for the centre job and traded for Saxelid who can play LT, LG, RG, RT. We also had Woodmansey coming off a decent season and a make or break year for Gibbon. Injuries have happened and we've had three combinations in three game.

The biggest problem is Condell. They need to be a bit more 50/50 in terms of run and pass plays.


I've read the script and I'm really excited about the casting choices for Burn the 2022 Witches Vol. IV starring Tom Cruise as 'Offensive Lineman Bob'. Cruise is once again performing his own stuntwork but he REALLY has his work cut out for him this time. He doesn't know that his own manager is conspiring to start other team's castoffs in a misguided bid to preserve the evil organization known as R.A.T.I.O.

This could be the summer blockbuster we've all been waiting for. :partying_face:

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I'm not personally pinning either one of them on Evans. But the fact remains that interceptions are attributed to the QB, not the receiver, and Evans has the worst interception/fumble/turnover record in the league. Also, along with the absence of any running game, an average of 5.6 yards per attempted pass last night is, by any standard, pretty dismal. Masoli would have been persecuted for a similar performance.


I finished the second half this morning on the pvr. You could see this one slipping away in the second quarter.

My two cents:

Watching Dunbar get cut in half by Bighill was brutal. I'm not sure a larger receiver would have don better, but it looked like they didn't belong in the same league. We've had small receivers forever. Fantuz is the biggest in recent memory. Maybe our current group develop, but none of them have the elusiveness of Tasker or the speed of Banks.

Special teams and kicking were good. We're not missing Reinbold (despite all the attention he gets on their forum).

Defence is good but some of our vets are showing their age.

I thought the O-Line was better but have some more thoughts for that thread.

We are a middling team.

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Maybe a few people had some kind of epiphany during the off-season and realized that the QB does not, in fact, dictate the performance of the rest of his team.

I think it can lead to more interesting discussion, especially for those of us who have always believed that football is a team game.


This article sums up what even the willfully blind can see:

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Woah, that doesn't pull any punches does it? File that under ' read it & weep', not happy stuff for TiCat fans. Ouch

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I'm not Josh Smith, but that was fairly similar to my opening post, amirite?

Urite , definitely. But we expect you to be a harsh critic, & this was 3DownNation :open_mouth:. A little shocked to have mass media folks so openly critical. I guess they've decided diplomacy isn't working, time for war.

Good point and I sincerely hope that some people had that epiphany.


Heres my 2 cents... Condell calls the plays, if you have frewer calling plays thats Condells fault... We seen STE was able to make some running plays... We know he can run or bring in Weeks when he was in TC then... If these WRs can't get ti done I know there are FA WR that are avail that were cut from CFL camps. Did i forget to say as long as Condell is here we arent going to win squat. People may say coach O is the one that makes the decisions as to who dresses... Thats what you got a whole coaching staff. I blame everything person who is a coach from OLine coach to Condell to Coach O..

Another point... Dunbar was 6 catches for 15 att... How about stop throwing to him if he isnt going to catch it... there is other players on the team.

Positive point. I know our def gave up 26 pts however we finally got 4 QB Sacks and 1 INT. It only took 3 games for mutliple players to get to the QB

7 was on the offense if we are splitting hairs.

On the second and 20 play that Kelly was flagged for and allowed the drive to continue the back seven were at least 20 yds off the line prior to the snap. Probably lined up at the first down marker. That was terrible play calling imo.