Burn the 2022 Witches Vol. III

This was one VERY uninspired football game.

We were in trouble WELL before the coin toss - with that useless sack of potatoes called Okafor actually starting at Guard.

I can't remember a single play where I saw an open receiver. No matter what the cheerleaders say on here, they are simply not good enough. Too small, too inexperienced, too useless.

Our placekicker missed two FG attempts, costing the team 6 points. He's reverting to his old ways, and hopefully Orlondo will actually have the stones to cut him.

Whoever thought it was a good idea for Addison to block Jefferson or Jeffcoat should be fired. There's a reason we have a guy named Jake Burt on the team.

Two bad snaps in a row in the 4th quarter killed any chance of a drive. Not surprising, considering who Orlondo's forced to play due to the incompetence of the Three Monkeys.

We seem to have found a punter.

The running game, through no fault of ST-E (or whoever takes a handoff - it doesn't really matter), is a shambles with this O-line.

Dunbar coughed up a pick-6 in the 4th after the ball hit him RIGHT in the hands. And ANOTHER one inside 3 minutes.

There was actually a LEG WHIP penalty called against WPG. I seriously thought Chris Walby had strapped on the pads again.

The Blue Jays won, so that's a bonus.

Dunbar needs to be released. He's nothing but a liability.

This team is a disaster. It starts with the President of Football Operations, his three co-underlings who can't seem to find their keisters with both hands, and the Head Coach who continues to make the same horrible coaching decisions every frickin' year.

I feel that with the personnel we have, the playoffs are a pipe dream. If the idiots in the front office can't find any replacement players for the tomato cans we currently have, they should be sent packing with a size-18 boot to their a$$.


Really hard to see how this team let Acklin leave for this group of receivers. Serves them right.



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Including last year's Grey Cup and the pre-season games, that's 5 losses out of the last 6 games. It's time to stop making excuses. This is one crappy football team. Masoli and his REDBLACKS played better against Winnipeg. No running game once again, no touchdowns, and Evans has become the league's turnover king. The "big test" (tongue pressed firmly in cheek) will be next week against Edmonton!


Why did we draft Burt, if we aren't going to use him as a tightend?

STE, second quater 9 yard run, 8 yard run, 14 yard run, second half one carry on a bobbled snap.

Evans had some overthrows.

Oline had problems.


Highlight of the game the Bulldogs won they are headed to the semifinal. Ok that happened just before the game but it's all I got.


is it time to make a trade for Masoli yet?


No. It wouldn't matter as long as Condell is here. Most boring offence in years.


Condell must be so limited by what plays he can call with this group. Hamilton doesn't have the talent to play with the top teams. Serves them right for letting playmakers and linemen go. You should probably be looking at Condell's bosses for why the offense is so bad. He has had no issues calling plays when he has the talent on the Offensive line and receiver positions.

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If he made more of the kicks he missed he wouldn't be second last in the league in place kicking. But he missed all of the kicks he's missed and he's second last in the league in place kicking. Another spot the Ticats chose to stand pat and not address. Wonder who is responsible for that... hmmmmm


You're not fooling anyone by "crashing" this site.


Yeah , same old same old . :roll_eyes:


I'm sorry? Is everybody not welcome here?

Is Hajrullahu available? If so, open the wallet and go get him!
Too many starters on the 6 game injured list. Longest list of CFL. Why ? Bad conditioning?
Condell is stale-dated. Put him out reduced to clear.
Evans has proved he has the skills for starter, but needs to stop panicking when the pocket collapses. Throw the ball away and avoid a sack.

Everyone is surely welcome here ……other than posters who’ve been banned then create new profiles to keep posting their banned views. Other than that, come on board.


I'm sorry you feel that way but that's not me

So any predictions as to when "Burn the 2022 Witches Vol. IV is coming out ?

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The operative word rightly or wrongly here is "crashing" . For what it's worth I don't think that you are he or she in this case Jenny .

Can anybody explain this 'burn the witches' thing to me ? My best guess seems to be it's where TiCat fans come to play with flamethrowers after a loss, roasting anything in sight. Close?

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