Burn the 2022 Witches vol. II

If you count only the points we have given up in the fourth quarter (18+20=38) versus everyone else's full game points-against, there are only three teams worse than us.

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That has never happened.
The TiCats have only played against Zach, as a Blue Bomber in Winnipeg, once -- last year's season opener loss.

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Surprise! :anguished:
Revenberg is not playing @ WPG:


Sucks having to go with another Oline combo, due to injury.

Last time Collaros lost a game against HAM was 2013 - assuming you don't count the first game of 2019 where he was injured on the opening drive.

Of course, he has only played three complete games against us since leaving the team in 2018. Unfortunately two of those were Grey Cup games.

I must have missed his name on the daily injury reports. Or possibly he was hurt on the plane ride?

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For @bobo82 (click on it to make it bigger)

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So the OLine has 1 backup and has been in town for 10 days...seems reasonable.

And Addison is a Game time decision

Can we kill this thread and post in a new one about this week's game?

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Might as well just place another digit at the end of it and make it vol. III

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Yes, you should be furious, this collapse could upset and derail the whole season as I seen it happen before.

Re: Evans' interception in the end zone, here's what he said about it this week:

β€œThe interception to Bralon, I was just trying to force it a little bit. I thought I had it and just made a bad throw,” Evans said.

While that may be an understatement, I actually don't mind being aggressive on passes. I watched Fajardo complete a bunch of passes against us the week before where his receivers didn't appear to be very open.

I get frustrated when our offence appears to not even be trying to win. For example, it's second and 8 and we throw for 2 as if that makes any sense at all. We seem to do that a lot. I'd rather take some chances and actually try to extend drives and win games. We may get burned sometimes, but other times we will gain yards.

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