Burn the 2022 Witches Vol. I

Putrid O-line play.

Too many turnovers.

Inexperienced receivers.

Suspect play-calling (shotgun handoffs).

Punting was a pleasant surprise.

Kicking was so-so.

CVZ played like his age. If he wasn't game-ready, he should have been 1—gamed.

Dane and Shiltz were running for their lives.

Zero running game. Again, the O-line issue.

The team has THREE General Managers. Why the hell can't they seem to find a suitable Offensive lineman? They have outright FAILED in this for over two years. Maybe they allowed the wrong person to let go to Ottawa.

The team is a mess. I honestly don't know if it's fixable due to the malfeasance of the head office.

I feel bad for Saxelid, but he was fairly useless when he WAS playing. Fontana looked exactly as if he sat out of football for two years (wait a minute...)

Orlondo and the front office have a LOT to fix.


I can only say all of these are/is precisely the issue(s)...

The running game is an issue only to the extent that Condell seems to have little or no interest in featuring it. I suspect that's simply a philosophical thing and it's something I do not agree with at all...

This O-Line issue seems to be the heart of the issues with this offence, in general. And this has been the issue for a long time that the front office seems to have no interest in fixing. Whether its poor technique, poor skills, bad scouting...It doesn't matter. The results are the same. Everyone is going to blame Evans and he just took all the blame for this loss on the 5th Quarter, but it's not...


It's not Dane's fault at all.
It's his GMs, Scouts, HC, OC, O-line coach, and the O-line itself that let him down.


Look...Good on him for admitting he threw some bad passes because he did...But, this is undoubtedly because of the pressure he was under because of the poor play by EVERYONE on that O-Line. From the Centre ( holding penalty took a TD off the board) to the Guards to the Tackles...None of them played well at all...

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CVZ and Vornkahl struggled throughout the game. I like CVZ but I think his age is showing


The report (from a forum member) is that he was dealing with an illness through TC and the first week of practice. Maybe a sick CVZ is better than a healthy Okafor.

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Dane played about 1 qtr in 1 preseason game 3 weeks ago before this game,
I think he should have played some of that 2nd game in Guelph,
It showed


Does anyone think Okafor or Yarborough is an appreciable upgrade??? They were both problems last year...

It might have helped, but, I think now we have a book on Evans...

Basically, every DC is now seeing that if they can get consistent pressure on him, he tends to panic. The problem with that is that the O-Line in front of him is totally incapable of protecting him...


this team will not improve untill Condell is gone and Oline is fixed


The play calling was just as bad as the o-line


I replayed every Cat's offensive down in the third quarter. The most number of defenders successfully blocked on a play was two (actually it was two and a partial). On a several plays nobody and on most only one. I've never seen as pathetical an O-line in a long time. I'm sure we all saw that coming based on last year and our "amazing" attempts to correct it in the off season.


I think a big problem with this o-line is not only the personnel but coach Gibson


"I think a big problem with this o-line is not only the personnel but coach Gibson"

Bring back Coach Sal!


My initial concerns about the O-line were, essentially, their inexperience playing together. A new Centre (who hasn't played in two years), what was SUPPOSED to be a starting Guard/LT, an (unfortunately) ageing RT, and poor backups.

Why must this be an issue year after year?

Also, our longest-tenured receiver is a guy who has, unfortunately, spent more time on the trainer's table than on the field. The second-most tenured guy is Ungerer. Durant (who?) is 6-gamed. The guys we have are not yet good enough.


You just know that nothing will be done and no one will be brought in to improve the o-line

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Yarborough isn't even on the team. Okafor was supposed to be backing up at Guard, Don't think that he's better. Hopefully the injury to Saxelid isn't season ending.


This is important because if you saw this, imagine what the coaches are going to be doing in film study either tomorrow or Monday morning at the stadium...The question is: Can this be improved on considering the skill level we are dealing with???

May I also add that our leading receiver stat wise from last year was nowhere to be seen this game . Yup, so much for calling him Kneeler , his new nickname after this game should be Casper as in ghost because he was virtually invisible all game .


The O-line was a huge issue last year. We haven't fixed it. Part of the problem, IMO...is Coach Gibson and the other half goes directly to Condell's total stubbornness to run the football. You can't have 10 runs from scrimmage and have a successful running game.
Kicking (tonight, not punting) continues to be an unsolved issue as well.