Burn the 2022 EDSF Witches - Cats vs. Als

This team came in completely unprepared to play football. This HAS to be entirely on Orlondo's shoulders. A team simply cannot come out flat in an elimination game.

Special Teams were anything but special. Too many blown coverages, and a VERY costly penalty that we were lucky to recover from.

For the entire first half, one player caught a pass other than Timmeh.
Wes Hills had, by the 3-minute warning in the 4th quarter, 5 carries.
Shiltz throws an interception that Dane would have been crucified over.

Shiltz fumbles on our last drive, had enough personnel to protect, and Woodsmansey failed.

Our vaunted run Defence wilted like a used piece of single-ply TP when it counted.

We must give up more second-and-long conversions in the League.

From the President of Football Operations' Office, through the three blind mice occupying the General Manager's chair, to the Head Coach and his Co-Ordinators, it has been a complete failure of a season from personnel selection on down. I sincerely hope that this is the last game Orlondo sees as a member of this franchise.

In a way, I'm happy we lost. This means we won't be embarassed in Toronto next week. This team needs almost a complete overhaul, as we simply don't have the horses to win.

IMHO, Dane Evans is an incredible QB, as evidenced by the 2019 season. It just goes to show what happens when the man entrusted with building a football team essentially IGNORES the O-Line in two straight seasons.


They will be E mailing me tomorrow for my season seat renewal !!!! :poop:how about Kahari Jones and a new direction!? WTF cheers :beers:


Happy we lost and Dane is incredible...interesting.

Dane was outplayed by Harris who is just OK.


There are fewer than a dozen players I would keep, and Dane tops the list.

By the way, as far as I know, Dane doesn't play Defence. Harris had a clean uniform until the 4th quarter.

At least we had a good run at the end to get into the playoffs.
Now the team needs to focus on whatever and whoever is needed to get the Grey Cup win at home next year. Time to move on from this team that has lost 2 Grey Cup games recently. Go young and go bold. Top to bottom.


If they don't bring in an exprienced QB in the off season I will not renew my season


Would Rourke be a FA? Or only a window to sign in the NFL.

Oakville kid, would be a franchise changing move.

Rourke might be NFL bound in a few hours...


I will always put my money down for the Cats, ever since the drive to stay alive in '94.


Nathan Rourke's brother is a junior QB at Ohio . He's bigger and can run as well as being an accurate passer . If he goes into the NFL draft then the Cats could draft him as well in the CFL Draft .


He is a very nice guy ... but as an Als fan I would be VERY happy to see Hamilton hire Khari as HC ...


Drowning my sorrows at Schwarts’. See you next season. :beers:


Really a year to forget! Our regular season record no excuse, our QB Position is a mess - for 2023 Kahari Jones and Bo Levi Mitchell and have Shultzy as back up.

Will be interesting to see which members/players of the Ticats org that Burke brings to Ottawa in the off season.

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I will respectfully disagree - blowing up the whole team - coaches, management players etc going into a GC hosting season is NOT going to get you to the big game in your own backyard. Yes there are things that need to be improved and I'm sure that there will be some changes but coaches and other staff who have taken you to two straight Grey Cup games are not going to be quickly discarded. I'm more than certain that there are other teams who would very quickly snap them up and then fans would be complaining that they're coming back to haunt us. Do you not think that Burke in Ottawa would hesitate to snap up Steinauer for example if he was on the market? Look how long it took Winnipeg to even get to the playoffs and a GC after O'Shea took over but now they have consistent success which probably wouldn't have happened had he been fired oh say 4 o r 5 years ago when many BB fans were calling for his head! The team had a down year but I have every confidence that they'll be back and stronger next season without blowing up the whole organization.


Organizationally, I think it would be highly beneficial to get this multi-headed monster of management straightened out one way or another. in the off season. There seems to be wwwaaaaayyyy too many cooks in the kitchen...


Well then I would recommend Stanley Tucci . He loves to cook . :slightly_smiling_face:

And Dane? Nothing ? He was perfect again?

Good one...

Wes Hills had 5 carries for 34 yds in a game when Montreal was missing their middle linebacker.

He had 10 for 61 the last time we played Montreal and everyone was mad that an 11th carry (from the 2) likely would have won the game.

He had as many carries in the 2nd half as all of us posters

Perplexing game plan.