Burn the 2021 Witches Vol.V - OT TO

Masoli is no longer a starting-calibre quarterback.
The man simply cannot throw an accurate pass. Watford should be our guy until Dane is healthy, because Masoli is simply a liability at this point.

Turning the ball over in OT is inexcusable. ST-E should be benched next week for that.
Our Defense was gassed at the end of the game, but the idea of only rushing 3 D-linemen while MTL has TWO backups and a DT playing G on 2nd-and-20 should be a firing offence. That decision is on Washington, and should be his last.
Okafor went down with injury, and there wsa no drop in play by the backups. Tells you something about our O-line - our Co-GMs continue to poop their bed on this file.
I have crapped on Bertolet, but he pulled off a clutch kick to send us into OT. Too bad our Offence is so craptacular that his effort was wasted.
Things masoli can no longer accomplish:

  1. Throw an accurate pass to the flats;
  2. Throw an accurate screen pass;
  3. Throw an accurate pass more than 6-yards downfield;
  4. Accurately hand the ball off;
  5. Be mobile in the pocket;
  6. Recognize defences (he hasn't recognized a blitz in 8 years);
  7. Look off defenders;
  8. Get rid of the ball instead of taking a sack (double-edged sword, as he's prone to INTs doing that); and
  9. Running. The. Ball.

2019 was the best Masoli will ever be. It seems as if he has no confidence in his repaired knee - I have the same problem.

Without a half-capable Offensive Line, NO QB will be effective. The team's Front Office has pi$$ed away our best chance of playing in the Grey Cup. This is pure incompetence.

Things that went well in this game: Addison had a great game; the Defence played well enough to win, if only the Offence did their jobs; Dunbar had a nice catch (on a bad pass, no less); and our STs were blocking better on returns.

Things that went poorly: O-Line, Masoli, turnovers, poor play calling, the sheer inability of a downfield pass, Speedy being invisible, Frankie and Okafor getting hurt, etc.

While we may make the playoffs by the skin of our teeth, I have no hopes for a playoff win. There are three teams in the West that would simply embarrass us in the GC of we make it that far...


Our O line is the root cause to all our problems! Worst Line in the CFL


Wants wrong with Masoli?? From the person who pushed to keep Collaros and trade

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Kinda like the Chicago Bears O-Line...Well...not THAT bad...

But, it's true...No Offense anywhere can operate without an effective O-Line. Ours, thanks to front office inaction, has got two (2) starting QB's injured this year. This is an inescapable fact!!! And, it was amplified today with a QB starting for the first time in almost 2 months...

Good news!
The TiCats win the season series with Montreal, on points for and against (47-33).
More good news!!
They're 1-1, with still 2 games left, vs. Toronto, but lead that series, on points (48-36).
Even more good news!!!
Leading their 2-game series vs. Ottawa, having won the first game, the Cats also have a 17 point lead on the twocolours .... a nice cushion should they come up with a suprise win in the remaining game.
Everybody sing along, now, with the Monty guys ...."Always look on the bright side of life ."


I have been a ti-cat and CFL fan for over 60 years. I think I need to look south of the border for my football fix. There have too many games this year that can only be described as stinkers.

I think part of that problem may be our o-line coach. On the one sack of Masoli our O-line triple teamed one defender and double teamed one other leaving 3+ defenders to rush through untouched. This far along in the season they should know who to block if they were coached properly.

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So, on the fumble was that a bad hand off from Masoli. Or a bad reception by the running back? Would love to see the slow motion replay.
All that hype about the returning all stars. What a disappointment!

If you ever wanted to offer a class on how to “blow a game” or “how to beat yourselves”, a video of this game could be the main part of the class.

The game was well in hand late into the 3rd quarter, then the wheels fell off - primarily because either Masoli can’t properly hand the ball to the running back or the running back can’t handle the exchange. The # 1 rule is take care of the ball. The fumble that led to Montreal’s first TD was a bad omen a and we were forced to keep punting into a strong wind, giving the Als great field position with all the 2 and outs against that wind.

Masoli had a handful of nice throws in this game but the majority were off target. He looked lost out there and he cannot escape pressure - looked pretty slow at times. I want him to excel but I’m not feeling very confident we are going to do anything with him. I think Watford, in the least, would have taken care of the ball and got us some first downs scrambling.

How is it that we cannot get Banks into open field to make plays? It’s like he is not there at all.

Great defensive effort though, and kudos to the field goal kicker on the 55 yarder into the wind. I really thought that had no hope in hell of making it. Then we fumble again in overtime and hand it to them all over again, Geesh - that was awful.

Short term: Week 9 and we have difficulty executing basic plays. Still non pro ready people in key pos. Why?
Long term: Almost two years after 15-3 how did it get that way or allowed to get that way ?
There's some unpleasant truths that have to reckoned with.

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Masoli was bad.

Real bad.

Extremely bad.

After his time off it was utterly excusable that he came out with that performance.

I can't believe I actually game him the benefit of doubt with his bad start.

He is not even a 2nd string qb

No blaming the O line....many times he had a ton of time and couldn't make a pass.

He is done.
He is washed up.
He is a liability.

Something tells me he had even lost his trade value.

We have managed to turn him to nothing. No value. No action. No point.

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The D-line and LBs, yes. The DBs not so much, IMO.
There were many Monteal passes completed to open receivers.

As usual, I was at the game. Yes the o line stinks and it’s Condell’s offensive schemes that are horrible. (I’d bring back June Jones as O coordinator) . Rarely were receivers somewhat open and when they were, it took way too long to get open. Masoli had very little time to even look for second or third reads. I don’t care who the quarterback is, this offence is never going to get better until our O line is much better. D was good for the most part given the time on the field.


What u mean he didn't have time to read 2nd or 3rd reads?

Many plays he had all the time in the world...and couldn't get the job done.

This bugs me. It was not the O lines fault.

So many times Masoli had all the time in the world.

Stop making excuses for that bum.


Only if receivers could get open and most of the time they were not. Yes he missed three open receivers when he was running for his life, but when he ate the ball there was nobody to throw to.

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Running for his life?

He sat in the pocket and could not convert. When he rolled out his head was stuck staring out of bounds. Worst performance I've seen of his at THF!

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Masoli missed a number of throws and open receivers.

STE's fumble was his 2nd of the game; it was only dumb luck that he recovered the 1st one. At that point in overtime, a vet doesn't fumble.

The O line is still hot garbage. We couldn't block a CIS D line. How many different players do you have to try, they all have the same result? Clearly, it come down to Gibson's schemes.

I'm sick of this crap. We don't have a hope until Evans comes back.

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We need Evans back.

And now.


This team has some issues. And the coaching staff isn't immune to them.

Poorly called, managed and executed game.

This team is a .500 team with personnel and coaching issues.

No one player is going to fix it.

2 years to prepare, maybe 2 months to fix it.


watching Masoli warm up on the sidelines at the game and he never throws a tight spiral, like not once. He's throwing 15 yard warm up passes back and forth with Watford and ungerer and my 12 year old sister is pointing out how wobbly this guys passes are before going back to her phone for the rest of the game.... Doesn't mean a ton in reality but a weird little thing to checkout if your at the next game, doesn't inspire confidence.

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