Burn the 2021 Witches Vol. 5

Rushing 3.
Masoli's ineptitude.
No kicker.
Phantom penalties in the blew team's favour.


Ticats back to their post 99 predictable ways.

Howmany times are we going to call handing the ball to a wr for a loss?

Howmany more games are we gonna piss away because of our kicker...


Losing to the (a)Argos (b) AT HOME (c) on the last play of the game, can really cause stomach upset. Anybody got any Tums or PPIs?

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I've got a lot of extra turkey and gravy. Will that help?

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LOL. No, 'cause I hate turkey. How about some THC gummies?

Never tried the stuff myself. Got some extra apple and pumpkin pie though.

Home made

Neither have I, but I need something strong. Apple Pie? Yummy!

We lost to a team that played 5 days ago.... We all know what's going to happen.... Argo's will make it to the cup and pull a win out of thier arse.

And do you think that will improve their attendance at home?

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If the Argos make the Grey Cup, I will be routing for the Bombers.


… and then fall back to a 4-to-6 win team for the next five years until they win it again.


I agree, you can't rush just three in this league.

Masoli had Ungerer wide open for a TD.

Irons averaged 8.4 yards/carry and STE 6.4, but we got away from the run. It was either hand off ti a reciever or Masoli with the run/pass option.

It's Masoli's fault.
He wasn't covering Toronto's receivers, at all well, allowed Bethel-Thompson to complete 21 of his 24 second half passes for just shy of 300 yards, He also missed a convert, got a roughing the passer penalty, a roughing the kicker penalty and failed to get enough special teams' yards, resulting in a turnover, on the direct snap play from punt formation. How could one guy be so bad, at so many things, all on the same day?


My man I don't see anybody saying it's just his. You're getting salty over something you made up in ur head lol

Edit...i may have spoke too soon haha :joy:

We're all searching for answers as to why our team has lost 2 in a row at home against Eastern teams...could it be just bad karma?

Rushing 3? Hate it. Never seems to work for us.

Masoli ineptitude? 24/33 for 361 yds, no picks, 4 rushes for 23 yds. Not great, but not horrible. A few bad misses, especially the overthrow to Ungerer, but also some nice throws.

No kicker? Made three FGs, missed one convert. Cost us one point. OK, that's what we lost by, but I wouldn't say that's why we lost.

Phantom penalties in the blew team's favour? Bingo. That RTP call was total BS. Not late, and initial contact was not high. (MBT's head went forward on initial contact, not backward.) Took away an interception, deflated the D's sails. Turning point of the game, in my opinion.


Masoli did enough to win, although he made some errors. That said, the playcalling when we made it inside their 15 was just bad.

That, plus a total defensive collapse 2 weeks in a row.


Nobody commenting on the Argo wide FG that was called good?