Burn the 2019 Witches vol III

He’s also a stride or two faster and behind the coverage on these plays… making him come back to the ball and fight for it won’t work. Chuck it deep he’ll get to it

Evans longest throw was 36 yards - BLM’s was 29. I think he’s improving on the deep ball. Still only has a handful of professional starts under his belt and has only lost 2 games - both by close scores. Certainly wouldn’t pin the loss on him anyway. There were other mistakes that hurt the team - namely fumbles that resulted in loss of possession as well as the missed and blocked FG. D had four “almost” interceptions early in the game. Turn any one of them into scores and it’s a different ball game. There is rarely one player or play that results in a loss in such a close game.

The Cats came soooooooo close to finally getting some respect from those who come up with those Power Rankings. While disappointed in some costly individual mistakes, I give credit to the Stamps for some outstanding individual play … a few great catches, and a beautifully timed and executed block of the FG. I’m much happier than I thought I might be after this game. The Tiger-Cats are serious Grey Cup contenders, with great coaching and exciting players.

Did I miss a turnover? The stats show 3 by fumble, 1 interception and the turnover on downs at the end, for a game total of 5. I only saw 2 fumbled turnovers – Banks stripped of the ball. late in the 3rd quarter, when it looked like he was about to throw a pass, and then Evans had it stripped on the following sequence.

With our starting QB, playing at home, the Cats beat the Stamps, led by their 2nd QB, back in July. It was the same situation today, the other way around. So, the Cats win 1, lose 1 and, although it doesn’t earn them anything, they top the Stamps in points over the 2 games. :slight_smile:

Pssst Dane buddy; if Speedy has 2 or more guys covering him someone else is free. Look to the centre area. Regardless of what the pundits on here say a series of 6-15 yard passes is perfectly fine

Thing was the Ticats were rolling and really didn’t need to make half time adjustments while we all knew that the horses would be making adjustments to deal with our D and offense.
Problem was we weren’t able to counter their adjustments in the second half. Their D certainly seemed to have our number and didn’t allow the O to move the ball as easily as they had in the first half.

The adjustment we had to make was not miss FGs and not fumble the football.

It’s really that simple

This is the right take. Please note.

I wouldn’t call those adjustments but rather mistakes to avoid - which unfortunately we didn’t.

Biting tongue: Thank you Riders!

Bright note----- no major injuries

Was that actually a 36 yard pass or a 7 yard pass that the reciever ran for another 29 yards?

Absolutely, Cats beat the Cats. 4 turnovers - period.

That was a 23 yard pass + 13 YAC.

I count 4 other completions that traveled 10 or more yards in the air, and all were between 10 and 16 (before YAC). The other 29 completions were thrown less than 10 yards beyond the LOS.

Among those 29, I count 9 completions where 100% of the yards gained were YAC, and a couple of others where the pass was only 1 or 2 yards ahead of the LOS and the rest were YAC.

The short passes have the effect of increasing completion percentage. But the reluctance/inability to throw downfield has the effect of making our offence less threatening, cutting drives short, and in the case of tonight’s game, having to kick a long field goal at the end because we couldn’t get a first down on a short pass.

It is not possible to argue that Evans was successful in throwing intermediate-to-long passes tonight.

What we don’t know is whether the plays were called and the QB chose to check down on a shorter route, or if the OC is simply not calling for longer passes.

Post game, the club tweeted out this:


Brandon Banks (@speedybanks87) passes Garney Henley, as the all-time franchise leader in punt return yards.

Also of note, regarding Speedy – with his 105 receiving yds., today at Calgary, he’s just 33 yds. shy of reaching the 1000 yd. mark for a 3rd straight season.

CAL got the ball on their 21 yard line with 11:39 left in the game and down by 6 points. They drove 89 yards in 5 minutes to score what turned out to be the winning TD. Their offence performed when it mattered most.

Did CAL have anything to do with that winning drive, or was the drive entirely the result of turnovers by HAM that happened earlier in the game?

My take on the game
Played well, bend but don’t break style they only gave up 1 touchdown
Limited Calgary to 342 passing yards and 64 yards rushing
Held a good offense to only 19 points
Only con for the defense is they didn’t turn the ball over.

Overall played good
360 yards passing
113 yards rushing
1 interception trying to force the ball to Banks when he is covered again. Roberson is a ball hawk just leave him on his island.

The two fumbles are what killed us
Banks fumble on Calgary 35 yard line took points of the board. ( That play looked messed up from the start hopefully they rip that page from the playbook.)
Evans fumble on our 37 yard line gave Calgary 3 points.

Calgary won because they didn’t make any critical mistakes.

These are the things that separate two good teams.
In the end we still had a chance to win.

I was happy that we proved we could hang with Calgary and broken hearted with the outcome.

Oh well as coach O would say no one won the grey cup today just 2 points.

As any reasoned losing coach would say post game, a 1 point loss could have swung the other way by any of a large number of different individual outcomes during the game. So the blame can’t be pitted on any one folly or error but the culmination of the full 60 minutes.

Kudos to Calgary for that drive but it is also true that any combination of 1 or 2 less turnovers or a freak athletic play to block a field goal from the defensive side of the line of scrimmage would have swung the result

Dunnigan said on TSN this morning that the blocked field goal was our kicker’s fault…the trajectory of the kick was too low, in Dunnigan’s opinion. Debatable, on a long FG attempt, IMO.

Regardless, all teams will now set up a player with the highest vertical on the team to block Liram’s future field goals, so if he can, he better try to highten the launch angle of the ball when kicking FG’s.

Another thing. That punt out of bounds was a result of Liram attempting to boot the ball through the end zone for a single point that would have tied the game, IMO. Ever try to “kill” the ball with the driver in golf, only to shank it? That’s what happened to Liram. Not a lot of discussion about this mistake. But again, that botched kick cost us at least a shot at OT.

I’m not sure about that. We were on the 55 yd line. He would be 15 yards back.

That would need to be wind assisted.

Ball met foot at a funny angle