Burn the 2019 Witches vol III

We couldn’t get it done in Calgary again.
Turnovers killed us, especially the ones deep in CAL’s zone.
A 1-point loss is still a loss.

blew the 2nd half.

no steam after two great quarters.

while it was only a one point loss, it seems like it was a bigger one.

D came to play in the 2nd half. Offense not so much.

I don’t really like Dane Evans as our quarterback. Doesn’t throw very well for a guy with a “big arm”

No burning. Condell called a great game. Defense held BLM under 20 points.

The Banks fumble killed us. The points we would have scored on that series would have been the dagger.

Our kicker has been pretty good this year, so I hate to criticize him. But two missed field goals in a tight game is big.

Ive seen enough to believe we’ll be in the Grey Cup with a chance to win.

As good of a loss as you can have.

Still a loss but reason for hope. They will watch the film and be ready for the next time. Hopefully in the game that matters. GO RIDERS, Jeez, how I hate saying that.

Yep, that really seemed to be the turning point.

Yep…better than I imagined. Still disappointing it was our mistakes that killed us. Self inflicted wounds.

Dane Evans 79.1% vs BLM 60% - Don’t think that proves your point. I saw FAR more overthrows by BLM than I did by our inexperienced backup.

Unfortunately those two missed FGs came back to bite us.

We baked too many turnovers! 5 versus 0!

Can agree with you on that. Played a tight game - unfortunately not enough first half play in the second half to pull off the W.
I’m confident that they’ll come away with a W in Edmonton.

Did think that they might manage to pull this one out with that last drive.

Until the last play throwing it 2 yards short of the first down, you could see OS was not happy about the call.

He doesn’t seem to be any good throwing longer than say 10-15 yards so of course his percentage will be higher. Hes good at the 5 yard passes hoping the receiver does all the work after.


Their half time adjustments better than ours. Cats owwned the first half

But the point about Dane Evans is correct; doesn’t seem to be a deep threat; most of his INTs appear to be throwing to Speedy, when Speedy is covered.

This game reminded me of what we had done to the Lions & Argos at home; now the tables were turned.

When Speedy is a foot shorter than the DB

Stamps didnt beat the Cats. The Cats beat the Cats.

Despite and awesome game from Simoni, we choked, from the coaching, QB, kicker and others. Calgary did not beat us, we choked.Look forward to meeting them the 3rd time at the Grey Cup, we won’t choke again.