Burn the 2019 Witches vol II

Good points!

In addition to all the injuries we were also missong Lawrence.

The sky is not falling. This group will do some damage.

Overall the coaching has been a big positive this season however no way should the qb be waiting for the play calls with under a minute to go. What were they doing as Sask marched down the field. When the play is whistled in the ball needs to be snapped. The time out miss and dithering play calling burned a lot of clock.

Just watched the 2nd half on pvr as could not last night. Stupid thing clicked off with 54 seconds to go!

Nevertheless- when I had to turn off the game last night after the first half I was upset and defeated. Nothing worked.

The 2nd half this morning I saw a completely different team. Evans started clicking. Receivers … okay Tasker … got to and handled the incoming missiles. The O line woke up.

Yeah, we lost (I guess… never did see the end) but I feel the adjustments with Evans (in him and in team) are coming and to do it with that hot mess of a lineup was nice to see.

Not confident yet… but feeling much better.

If QB Evans wasn’t tripped up scrambling out of the pocket late in the fourth quarter we would have won this game ,amazing!

Always tape Sports Center after Western games to see end of close games that go over the set time .

He could have gotten up and kept running as he was tripped up by his own player, not an opposing one.

btw: what happened to Banks?

Pretty sure the whistle blew, so even if he had gotten up and run, it wouldn’t have counted.

I could be wrong. A lot of noise in that stadium.

Maybe the refs couldn’t tell if he tripped, or dove to end the play?

On the brighter side – With CFL Week 8 wrapped up and all teams, with the exception of Montreal, having played 7 games, the TiCats are tied, with Calgary and Winnpeg, all with league-best records of 5-2. The Cats have defeated both of those teams, lead the league in points scored, and stand 3rd. in fewest points allowed. ;D

Its nice to be tied at 5-2 after 7 games with Calgary & Winnipeg.
As we we beat both of those teams, it means our two losses were to much inferior teams.

People keep talking about a running game; but I don’t remember us ever having a great running game.
Last year, when we did have a decent balance, the success at the passing game set up the run; not the other way around.
Prior in the Austin era, run game was virtually non-existent.

Evans is in tough, as this team doesn’t appear to be designed around the run game. (Very similar to 2015 - when backups Matthews and Masoli had no run support and werent ready to be starters)
Also similar to 2015; we have a good D and good ST - which will mask the QBs inexperience - which leads to some amateurs to state - “we only lost by 5 points”.