Burn the 2019 Witches vol II

No Banks, Masoli, Ciraco, STE, Irons hurt early, and we nearly pulled it off.
Took a while for the Offence got it’s poop together, but it was an excellent Defensive game.

June Jones clock management. 1:10 on the clock from the 9. You know Riders are gonna milk the clock, don’t call a timeout.

And the one he tried to call was way too late.

Agreed but this is really the only negative to take from this game, we were missing a lot of key players, quarterback is making his second start in the toughest arena in the league and we still almost pulled it out.

Now if we can just figure out that damn clock…

Coaches need to coach to the final whistle. Coach O is now a head coach and the clock is his responsibility, sometimes I feel like he’s more worried about the defensive play call.

He could have given Evans 1:00. He gave him 22 seconds.

That would be his first start, not second

Much closer than I expected and very close to a victory. If Irons could have played, I think it would have been different game. The Cats are going to be all right.

He started the last game last year. Second start.

Disagree. Other negative is the start time. A Thursday night game starting at 9:30PM ET? Ridiculous.

I thought Evans started clicking in the 2nd half, and if he can continue playing like that all season, we have a shot. Play like 1st half Evans and we’re done.

Considering we were missing key offensive players, we almost eeked out that win, so I can’t complain too much about anything other than the game time.

Addison had a good game, and Tasker too by the end. Defense did good, Breaux had a rough one though.

Dane started the final regular season game of the year against Montreal in 2018, going 22/37 for 315 yards, 2 TDS and 2 INT’s.

Didnt he start against Mtl last year?

I’m going with this.

You realize when we host a Thursday night game people out west say “game starting at 4pm PST? I’m not even done work and it’s halftime… Ridiculous.”

Does that mean the offence lost its poop for the last couple of drives?

CatLady: well said!

Dane Evans is a scrappy QB and that will serve us well as long as he stays healthy.
One thing I like about this team…win or lose…they play full bore right up until the final whistle. Credit for that goes to Coach O. The players like him. I think we will be in the race for the rest of the season despite all the injuries to some key players.

No offence in he first half. No running back, bad play calling. Woke up in the second half. Our offence is too conservative. We rarely go downfield, never try to utilize Acklin deep. Don’t use our speed downfield unless Speedy is playing. Our D is great but they allowed Game winning score when we needed a stop.

Yeas we were missing good players but you have to win games like these, especially when you have the lead late. They are pro players. Coach makes no excuses, why should fans.

When did it become routine for a defensive player to celebrate a hard hit or a pass knockdown like they just clinched the Grey Cup? It seemed like this was happening every tackle tonight.

Totally agree - aside from the start time - start times for games in BC are even later - 10 p.m. eastern. I’m retired so don’t have the problem of getting up early for work but western games featuring eastern team (or any team) are always going to be later.

Some random thoughts:

  1. Those two decent drives in the second half salvaged the night for the offence, which was otherwise completely uninspired. I think Evans will build some confidence knowing that he can get it done. (Well, as long as we move away from playing the most conservative offence humanly possible, that is.)

  2. The lack of a running game sure didn’t do Evans any favours. Only added to the pressure.

  3. A great night by Hajrullahu (other than the one punt out of bounds) kept us in it. His weak arm tackle somehow saved a TD on that long punt return.

  4. I like Leonard’s aggressive style of play, including the two forced fumbles.

  5. Turns out we can’t just assume we’ll get a TD from the defence and/or special teams every game.

  6. Fajardo is a real scrapper who somehow finds a way to make plays. He’s only going to get better.

  7. Ja’Gared Davis continues to impress me with his style of play.

  1. I think the cupboard may be running bare of Canadian RBs, if Irons is out for any length of time. We may need to dip into our ratio flexibility and add an INT player in that position.
  1. Condell uses Addison like Condell used to use Banks back in the day. Take a natural playmaker who can make people miss in open space, and force him to spend most of his time in or near the backfield with silly little pitches and dump passes. Subtract his 36 YAC yards, and Addison’s 8 catches were made, on average, 2.5 yards past the line of scrimmage. Send the guy 15 yards downfield already!

  2. It really was asking a lot to expect us to pull out a victory given all the circumstances - by which I mean injured players and their inexperienced substitutes.

Good points regarding the offence.

I wonder if during the two decent drives Condell pulled out June Jones’ playbook because they sure didn’t look like anything Condell was serving up earlier and up to that point.

Not sure why Condell isn’t using Addison properly. Jones almost had his production up with Speedy B.

Another guy we heard a lot about in camp was Acklin. He might be the next Sinopoli but he hardly gets the ball.

Seems like there is a lot of talent being under-utilized in our offence.

This was a great game between two great teams.

As a visiting team, you can’t play in a more difficult environment than Mosaic.

We can beat anyone in the CFL, IMO.

Dane Evans got better as the game progressed. And he will get better with each start going forward.