Burn the 2019 Witches vol I

We embarrassed Montreal last week, and tonight they did it to us.
Couldn’t stop the run.
Had no answer to the 3-step drop and quick pass that the twocolours killed us with last year.
Offence was offensive.
BAD interceptions thrown.
Masoli was missing receivers all night.
TWO RTP penalties (I HATE that new rule).
Special teams weren’t.
Have I missed anything?

They should have signed their middle linebacker

And a poor showing by the LBs, especially Tuggle.

Not especially anybody. Whole defense got royally trucked. Hope it hurt their pride and made them angry.

Overreaction Friday.

Who do we fire? who do we cut? Will we even make the playoffs? Is there a team in this league we can beat now?

All this and more, the next 4-5 days.

200 yards mostly right up the middle.
That player looked especially bad.
Look for Frey next game. At least he showed some effort at the end.

Somebody will turn tonight into a pro Jones, maybe even an anti Austin hail mary, with some twisted ,tortured logic and told ya so(s).

i wouldn’t say that losing by 7 is being embarrassed after the Ticats beat them by 31.

Yes the D started to look very sloppy but the offense seemed to run out of plays by the second half and the D was on the field WAY too much in the 3rd quarter.
I recall only one interception - early - not good but early enough not to be too concerning at the time.
I also recall more than one dropped pass. Whether that’s on Masoli for the throw or the receivers is hard to tell - only they will know for sure. i did think that they were getting more pressure on Masoli which might have affected his throws.
I thought both RTP penalties were iffy - ball had just been thrown and both targeted the mid section.
Their coverage on returns was much better than it was last week - Frankie ran all over them last time.
Bede was better - maybe the signing of Crapigna brought enough of a threat to improve his game.

Line is just as responsible for stopping run.

Maybe just a very few bright notes … good performances by Acklin, Hajrullahu and Coombs …and no complaints, as usual, about Banks’ or Tasker’s play. Am I missing anybody?

Must ask: Do our defensive players realize the ban on tackling is for practices only, not games, too?

I’m pretty sure that Tuggle was blitzing on most of those plays, and dropping back into zone for others.
On plays when he actually played his position, they stopped the run, or ran outside the Tackle.

Williams showed plenty of hustle to run down players headed for the end zone.

On one of those last long runs I saw him bounce outside when he couldn’t get up the middle where there was no resistance although I think it was Rico Murray who finally got him stopped.

And then there was the late play when EVERYONE thought Adams handed the ball off to Stanback but he kept it and ran around the outside of the lines for a big gain.

Coombs was good, Hajrullahu was perfecct, Banks had a great bounce off a DB ans gained most of a FD instead of losing his balance and going down and Tasker was just Tasker. Too bad that one great catch that he had near the goal line just before the half I think was negated by a Ticats penalty - a holding call I think. A TD there would have been nice

Don’t know how anyone on the front seven gets a pass after a 200 yard rushing night but one can try i guess.

Just as long as no one says “well,if we still had Dean, Glanville… something, something”

Not giving them a pass but he’s a tough guy to bring down and some of these plays happened later in the game when the D had spent most of the 3rd quarter on the field. Can’t leave the D on the field most of the night and expect them to play with the same kind of energy and intensity.

Larks pulled some tricks out of their bag on offense and defense that our team seemed unable to respond to and that hurt them - along with WAY too many penalties.

They were bad too, but the mlb is the main tackler and Tuggle stunk. For the record, he also stunk week 1, and the other two games were such blowouts, they were throwing on us, not running.
They are missing Dean.

This was the fourth (or at least the third) game in a row where the team did squat offensively in the first quarter.
Is it poor game-planning by Condell et al, sloppy play, or something else?
Against good teams we cannot be so slow out of the gate.
Masoli also cannot throw an INT on his first pass of the game…

Thoughts on receivers:

  1. A seemingly slow night for Speedy (7 catches, 86 yards), projected over an 18 game season, translates into 126 catches for 1,548 yards.

  2. The decision not to start Acklin in game 1, after a great pre-season, is looking increasingly strange.

  3. Would anyone have guessed that we would reach a point where 6 different Ticats had caught a TD pass and none of them were named Tasker?

Other thoughts:

  1. I think it’s super-cool that we can line up for a short kick with two kickers over the ball. Next time I want to see the Mexican kick it.

  2. I echo the statements about Tuggle never being where he could have been useful. Question is whether coaches told him to go stand behind the D-line all night (not really blitzing, but not really covering the run or the pass either), or if it was his own decision.

  3. I think the two Breaux challenges late in the game cancelled each other out. Both could have gone either way. We lost on the DPI, but made it back on the incomplete call.

  4. Steinauer should have used a timeout when Montreal was punting with just under a minute left. Instead he happily watched as they ran almost 20 seconds off the clock. It didn’t matter thanks to the penalty, but still a bizarre brain fart. (Unless I’m wrong and we didn’t have one left, but my read of the official tracker page says we did.)

8 ) Masoli reminded me of his old self. My biggest complete was always that he would be hot and cold in the same game, with long stretches of zero production. Tonight that was the third quarter.

  1. Hint for the coaches (who I know study these threads to build their next game plan): teams are going to try to run the ball down our throats.

  2. I hope STE is OK. Tough break, getting hurt with everyone you know sitting in the stands.

We used the timeout after 1st down.

We should have however used a second timeout outside of the 3 minute warning when we were down 3 and then 2 scores on defence saving 20 seconds. We chose not to. Only reason I can thing of is he wanted it for a potential challenge.