Burn the 2019 Grey Cup Witches Thread.

I really liked how Sutton ran the ball. I hope they bring him back next year. Other than that, the team went 16 and 4. Four out five award nominees won the award. We didn’t look prepared and got outplayed. Still very proud of the boys and there’s always next year.

I was hoping that with that pick out of the way, they’d settle in and start putting some points on the board. Unfortunately that didn’t happen. Tough game for everyone - players, coaches, fans.

I think he has a lot left in the tank, I hope they will bring him back as well.

We didn’t lose this game because of Evans

Someone said that TSN said that June Jones was at the game. If he was, I bet he snuck out quietly.

Sutton… In the other thread I mentioned nothing positive but Sutton is the the positive

He ran hard

Got beat badly last year in Ottawa. Were better this year except for this game, even with losing Masoli. Anything that doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

I agree. Too bad our running game was not used more instead of wanting to go for broke all the time.

That 2 point attempt after the TD was a dumb call. We were having a tough time scoring at that time so the odds were great that a 2 pointer would work. And the 3rd down QB sneaks did not work either.

However the season is now over. Be interesting to see the player changes that will be made. Also will Condell still be around…is he still considered HC material?

1.) Should have gone for the field goal on the first drive in second half instead of getting stopped…they needed the 3 pts anyway. IMO…that was a momentum changer…among many I guess…
2.) Tuggle is not the answer at middle linebacker.
3.) Not Evans fault…pressured badly all game…both lines were brutal.
4.) Why not more play action to slow the pass rush…more Sutton?
5.) I think Luke may be finished here?
6.) It was a great year…we will be back.

Remember Slomojo2005 wayback when we were Collaros fans and we wanted to keep Zac, but
everyone were against us. I 'm not saying that Masoli isn’t a good QB.
But it now proves that we were right. “You can win with Zac”

Right on GOTC1! I remember. Everyone threw him under the bus, he was done, he lost 8 in a row ( not the team lost 8 in a row but Zack did…) etc etc! Many so called fans had no clue!
Obviously they know not a friken thing.
Way to hang in with Zack Gotc1. Too bad about Cats though. Someone had to lose.
Till next year.

If Zac was on our side tonight…it would have been the same result.

I think we all can agree the one change needed is at MLB

Always go for 3rd and 1 in their end in that spot.


7.) Alteast we ain’t Argo fans

Maybe, maybe not.
We’ll never know!

Wow. Everyone chill.

I’m upset. I wanted us to win. I thought this was our year. Its upsetting that we lost. We played poorly. Harris, who cheated, is MVC and MVP of the Grey Cup which is really… Ugh.

But relax. We all love our team. We’re passionate fans. No need to take it out on each other.

We were out played, there’s nobody to blame. Go to bed.

I was one of Collaros biggest supporters/defenders… But this take is absurd

We lost the game because we were dominated on both lines, not cause Zach threw 4 underthrown balls that their receivers came back for.

Sorry but this is a brutal take.

Healthy Nichols beats us just as easily.

Everyone’s allowed to vent tonight, to those chastising us that need to let off steam, just STOP!!

3 loses in our last 3 GC trips!!! People are allowed to be pissed tonight. If not this year with this team, then when!?!?

Andrew Harris is a cheater and shouldn’t be MVP, JOKE!!!

Agree. Zach did barely enough to win. It was lost on the lines, and to Harris.