Burn the 2019 Grey Cup Witches Thread.

Can’t blame the officials.
Can’t blame the conditions.
Can only blame yourselves for this game.
Both our Offencive and Defencive lines were overwhelmed.
Banks and Jones hurt during the game.
Oddly enough, the run game was pretty good.

Congrats to Winnipeg, they outplayed us today.

Summary: Winnipeg did EVERYTHING better than we did.
Congratulations …especially to Zack Collaros.

The Cats got dominated on both sides of the line of scrimmage…

Too many turnovers…

No answer for the pressure the 'Peg D-Line was putting on us.

No REAL sustained drives to give the D a rest

At the end of the day we are simply a good Eastern team that couldn’t get it done when it counted.

We got physically whipped in all 3 phases of the game by a tam that looked the way it did in July.

I hate the Bummers almost as much as I hate the Argonauts but, they simply beat us…

On to next season…

Welcome to the longest Grey Cup drought in the league ?

We are now on the clock!!!

Why do I get myself so hyped up with this team…

Always ends so badly lol

Anyways. Was a fun season until today

Freakin Winnipeg…

Winning the cup would have been the icing on the cake, but I want to thank the cats for a great season that was very entertaining and makes me look forward to next year. And they were very entertaining to watch.

It was a really fun season

x 2

We were outplayed all game, zero luck on our side. The team sucked today plain and simple. Very disappointed but we move on and hope for more next season.

3 upsets in the last 4 GCups… but this one was the worst.

F@%k Winnipeg ,especially Collaros, medlock, o’shea and the cheater Harris.

All that except Collaros.

I’ll be happy for him… not tonight but next week or year

Now what do we do? We are obviously not good enough.

Sour grapes!
Harris kicked our asses!

Quit being stupid. Grow up. Get over it. Accept they were the better team.

That first pic on the first drive seemed to be an omen of things to come.

No question about it, Winterpeg was awesome. They just stomped the best team in the league. We didn’t adjust enough in the first half on our line. I laughed when my wife asked if "Harris was on something "?

C’mon guys. We’re all upset but let’s not be mean-spirited and overly sarcastic towards each other. It’s OK for people to let off a little steam.

Totally agree. Had a great season with our BACK UP QB. Would the result have been different had Masoli been in the game? Hard to say. Maybe it would have been less of a rout.