Burn the 2018 Witches vol X - Post-Game Thread

JJ “played it safe” again by not attempting a TD on 3rd down. At the very least, it would have put MTL on their own 10-yard line. Completely cowardly call.

Evans looked OK, he needs to learn to look off the secondary.

Mike Jones goes over 800 yards for the season. Best Canadian receiver not named Sinopoli.

The Great and Wonderful June Jones ends with a losing season, and is 14-14 in his career with Hamilton. I am not impressed.

Have to disagree with the clock management comments.

I think he played it right. It wasn’t 3rd and 4, it was 3rd and 10.

Montreal was not moving the ball at all and we had a time out. He used it at the right time and had lots of time to get into FG range.

Once we got there we were content with a 45-49 yarder instead of trying to get a bit closer.

Kicker did not execute a must make FG at home.

There was nothing wrong with June Jones deciding not to go for it on 3rd down with 2:30 left. It was the right call. If our kicker was dependable, we win.

I hope Addison is added to the starting receiving group next week.

I thought Dane Evans performed well. He’s a good #2, and worth developing.

It was 3rd and take a shot at the end zone, Crash. You’re at home in the playoffs end of season and you show your fans your Appreciation by sending them home feeling like they just got their lunch money ripped off again? No thanks. I must have been an idiot to think this team can win a Grey Cup with Elmer Fudd as our HC.

No, I would argue that Jones made the right call, it gave the team a chance to win, with Evans only needing to drive for a FG instead of TD.

Evans was actually pretty good, 315 yards passing, with 2 TDs with his two picks. Almost had his first career game winning drive. I blame Lirim for being so damn inconsistent. Then again he helps with the national ratio, so it's a give and take.

Mike Jones with 114 yards and a TD, and Addison with 103 yards and a TD. It will be interesting to see if June Jones start Addison next week.

It was a nothing game of our second stringers against their starters, so I'm not even mad. Winning would only be a bonus.

This was a nothing game. The real deal is next week, to which my Spidey sense isn’t feeling really good. I think we’re going to get shellacked…

Well, I would argue that you would lose that argument. He makes these fruitless calls all the time. They’re trademark, tailor made signatures of June Jones.

I don’t get it…we had a chance for a FG and missed.

If I gave you the chance to fast forward to next week and we get the same kick to win, do you take it?

Your money was ripped off by Liram, not June Jones.

Fan appreciation is marketing, June Jones coaches to the game situation, not the occasion.

315 yards for Dane Evans in his first start ever?

Could it possibly be the system?

Was a nothing game, Our “B” team should have beat them.
The “call” was the right call. The kicker missed, too bad, it means nothing.
Winning next week is all that matters.
Addison, Evans, White, Jones, T-E were very good
I would play Addison over McDaniel right now.

We score the TD, and we’re up by 5, forcing MTL to drive for a TD.

The exact same scenario could have played out with Stephan making the INT. All the team would have to do is kill the clock.

That's assuming that we were able to score the TD, which was not a given.

I think it was the right call to kick the FG. The loss is down to Hajrullahu.

Who’s to determine if it was the right call? The end zone is the size of British Columbia. Just throw it there somewhere and hope a Ticat is in the vicinity. Draw a PI penalty possibly. In the play offs I might rethink it but they were playing with house money this game and it would have been entertaining as hell to see them take one shot get it and force them to go downfield demoralized after having lead all night. Would take them a few plays to get their brains rearranged and as long as you don’t give up no big plays, they’re not going to get much yardage the first couple of downs all dazed and confused. They’re not experienced at winning so they could fold under the slightest distress. They frittered away a sizeable lead and were alittle fragile of mind. TD Strike there and it’s over. Feel?

Which was more likely with the team tonight, getting a touchdown starting from midfield (or farther?), or getting a field goal starting from our own end?

Go for the TD and miss, and the Als start their drive at the 10. Assuming we make the stop, we get the ball around midfield and now have to score a touchdown.

Is that more likely than driving across the 40 to set up a winning field goal attempt? I’m thinking no.

And further, if we attempt and make the TD, the Als gets the ball with just over a couple of minutes left around their 35. Odd are good that they drive upfield close enough to kick their own field goal to win the game.

It was 30-25. A TD would have put us up by either 1, 2 or 3, depending on the concert. MTL could have got the ball back with over 2 minutes to go, needing a FG to win.

and if we fail to get the 1st down(It was 3rd and 10), we are down by 5 and don't have the ball,
Even if we do get the stop we are forced to drive for a TD
Kicking the FG was the right call,
Count on your "D" to get the ball back(they did) and kick a FG to win(he missed) too bad

The score at the time was 30-25. If we score the TD, we're up by 2, or 3 if we go for and make the two-point conversion. All they would need to do is get into field goal range and make it to win.

We were down 5.... We would be kicking off up 1 or 3.. and Montreal has 2:20 to kick a FG.

Biggest coaching decision tonight was the decision to rest all those starters.

I don’t necessarily disagree. But I see that the Great Wally Buono made the opposite decision tonight. I assume he wants to go into the playoffs at full speed.

We will see if the two approaches make a difference next week. HAM cones into the BC game having lost three straight, and five of the last seven.

Addison - 7 catches - 103 yrds - 1 td

Jones - 5 catches -114 yrds - 1 td

I wouldn’t be upset if Addison drew into the lineup over McDaniel