Burn the 2018 Witches vol VIII - Post-Game Thread

Awfully hard to beat Ottawa in Ottawa with flag happy Andre in charge. And I’d wager if we had won tonight, Andre would have been head official next week.

The Cats have to learn to read the officials and play accordingly, too many easy calls for a flag happy officiating crew, and too big a let down in the second half. Win next week, beat Montreal, and then cheer for Toronto to close out with a win.

Not out of it yet, and at worst, we host the semi-final with an early western time start.

I have to say something…

I have never seen a receiving corps on any football team that I can think of have as many serious, severe, season ending injuries in one season as we have…

Ottawa has been up and down this season - at times they play poorly and at times they can look like world beaters. Banks going down was HUGE although the offense was struggling before that. And as I said some bounces just didn’t go the Ticats’ way. Let’s see what happens next week in Hamilton

Do you think maybe smaller and lighter is not really better?

“Our O disappeared for long stretches just like earlier this summer.”

They didn’t get much of an opportunity to play. Ottawa ate the clock. We turned over the ball on the kickoff. If they had some time they may have been able to do something with it.

2018 Calgary Stampeders.

Maybe. Point is the entire team imploded. Offence Defense and ST.

We are 1-7 against good teams. This isn’t a “oh almost…clean it up and we’ll be fine”.

We arent as good as these teams.

It's been a bad year for receivers - Calgary has lost four now and if we include Chambers who's been out all year, we've lost FIVE - Chambers, Saunders, Williams and Banks - plus Toliver who's out with a concussion so who knows if he'll manage to make it back.

It's definitely going to be a challenge for the new guys (McDaniel/Sinkfield - even Buren), Masoli and the coaching staff. Here's hoping McDaniel and Sinkfield especially can get into the flow quickly - enough to make a difference in the next couple of week so their primed up for the playoffs.

Hard for the offense to get into a rhythm when they don’t have the ball. STs weren’t terrible - that was a bit of a trick play by Ottawa on that late turnover. Defense did have some issues with tackling at times in the second half and penalties weren’t helpful. Penalties are something that they CAN clean up and need to clean up for next week.

Then there’s Owens, who got hurt stepping out of the cab to attend his first practice.

You know who has never been hit by a plague of injuries? Like ever, in the entire history of their team? The rEDbLACKS.

Since Labour day, we have scored an average of just 6 fourth quarter points.

I said ST imploded. Roughing the kicker call and guys letting that ball bounce.


tabbie: We have had problems all season with dumb penalties. Here’s an extract from what Steve Milton wrote in the Spec August 15th:

“…the Tiger-Cats suffer from field-position issues. You’d think they wouldn’t want to compound the problem with preventable yardage losses. Yet, they are being flagged for an average of 97.8 yards in penalties per game, second to only Edmonton’s crime rate of 111.9 yards. Of the 72 Hamilton penalties accepted by the other team, a league-high 23 have been for procedure or offside.”

Obviously it is a problem they CAN’T clean up.

hamilton defence didnt play a great game they let 341 yards passing 100 yards rushing. Thats not a great effort.

The OTTRBs have been remarkably durable but I do remember them having a hard time keeping RBs healthy a year or two ago, and they were missing four starting defenders last night. However I was thinking that their receivers NEVER seem to be out with injury - aside from the Chirs Williams ACL a couple of years ago which was major but it WAS only ONE receiver. I think Sinopli missed a bit of time at the end of last season.
However our rash of injuries at one position - and a very key one at that - has left the team pretty vulnerable. Here's hoping that McDaniel can step it up and Sinkfield can be a REALLY fast study so that they can help to fill the gap next week. Sure hope that Tasker finds an invisible protective shield - we're toast (and so is Masoli) if anything happens to him! Wonder if they'll think about bringing back Addison - or was he picked up by another team?
BLM in Calgary is having the same problem but is reportedly putting in extra time with his receivers to try to get them up to speed. Masoli is going to have to do the same (and may already be doing that) although McDaniel has coaching responsibilities at Mac that probably limit his availability.

Two days later, with time to watch the recorded telecast, I noticed a key miscall by the officials and something that might have been challenged by Jones. I wish I had the computer skills, that some of you do, to share the video.

7:27 into the 3rd QTR, Tasker was hit catching a pass at the Ottawa 7 yd. line and couldn’t hold onto the ball. That would have been a 1st & goal situation, but the Cats had to settle for a FG which increased their lead to 28-22. I can freeze one of the telecast replay angles which clearly shows the Ottawa defender’s (#28 Tindal) arms wrapped around Luke’s arms, from behind, with the ball still in the air 3 yds. away from reaching them.

Had that been ruled PI, as it should, and the Cats had followed with a TD, it would have been 4 pts. more – the number they lost by.

Ottawacat: I remember thinking that was DPI as well.

Jones can be pretty gun-shy about using the challenge flag, which went undropped last game. Not clear whether it didn’t occur to him, or whether he thought it was DPI but wanted to save his challenge for some other opportunity. Or perhaps he was staring at those sheets of paper he seems to watch intently all game long.

What OTT learned from the game: they can have their way against Tasker, abusing him as they see fit, with very little downside - maybe a 15-yard penalty for attempted decapitation.

I admit I didn’t watch that play that closely on replay, but didn’t think it was DPI. If it’s as you guys said that’s the perfect time to use the challenge.

Normally Jones is too quick on the gun with that challenge flag.

I don’t know how the Command Centre looks as such cases. Do they go as far a frame-by-frame freezing to decide what happened in what order? If not, a challenge would not, likely, have been won. I can report that I could not say it was PI until I got the frame frozen at the right point.

Agreed. Roughing the Kicker is a form of unnecessary roughness. This was not an attempt to injure the punter, simply a barely missed attempt to block a punt. But Proulx is known for calling RTP and RTK tighter than other referees, so not a surprise that it was called.

But the difference between the two penalties is only five yards. And the lesser penalty still would have resulted in a first down. I don’t see that the RTK vs. CTK call affected the game that much.