Burn the 2018 Witches vol VIII - Post-Game Thread

Banks looks like he’s done for the season.
We scored a total of 6 points in the second half.
Another illegal kickoff by LH.
Team collapses in the second half.
Breaux is kinda hurt.
Too many STUPID penalties.
We are a .500 team. Deal with it…

We’re not done yet.

Sinkfield better play next week.

Disappointing loss, Will host BC or EDM in East Semi barring miracle.

Can't really top any of that...Other than Year 15 of the 5 Year Plan seems to be in full effect...

We are what our record is...

Mediocre with a capital M...

And now with these severe injuries, and our inability to beat good teams, I suspect we'll be done in 3 weeks...

Once again, we beat ourselves.

Roughing the kicker at that point of the game was brutal. :frowning:

Maybe could’ve tried a fake run on one of the every single first down RB draw plays we did and passed it.

Kept waiting for that play to pay off and just never did it.

Looks like Banks has a “suspected fractured collarbone”.
Done for the season.

We are 1 and 7 against the 4 teams with more wins than us.

Self imploding, matador d, vanishing offence and penalties aren’t a frustrating coincidence, they’re the calling card of this team.

Wrap your heads around that record.


But we were #1 in the Power Rankings.

And we’ve beaten both of them in our house! So there is hope. Only problem is they’ll have to go back to Ottawa for the East Final - assuming that they win their home playoff game.

Ive been saying it most of the year. We look great aganist the weaker teams, but we always falter when it comes time to cement ourselves as a top team.

Injuries sure haven’t helped, but I guess that’s the 20 year story of the Hamilton ticats in a 9 team leauge.

tabbiefan: Tough to have hope when we are supposed to be peaking at this stage of the season. We seem to have taken a giant step backwards.

Absolutely - a case of REALLY bad timing, have to feel for SET who was trying to make the block and was just off. I thought there was an Ottawa player behind him that bumped him into the kicker - inadvertently - at least that’s what I thought I saw on the replay.

What sparked the rbs at the end of the 2nd quarter?

Again our half time adjustments failed miserably

He was falling. I understand protecting the kicker, but can’t penalize hard play if a big game.

I don’t blame STE.

So many bad calls by the refs I lost count.

I wouldn't say a loss by 4 points is taking a giant step backwards. There were some bounces that didn't go their way - that one turnover giving Ottawa the VERY short field, poor timing on the attempt to block the kick. They DO need to clean up their penalties.

Sinkfield will NEED to play next week - the receiver cupboard is getting REALLY bare. That’s FIVE receivers gone - including Chambers who unfortunately hasn’t played at all this season.

Ottawa has been playing poorly lately. We let them do what they want from the mid second quarter to the end of the game.

Our O disappeared for long stretches just like earlier this summer.

The only thing that has changed is the quality of opponent. When it’s a good one, we lose. When it’s a bad one, we win.

We have 1 win against the top teams. We’re going to need 2 more somehow to win the Grey Cup.

Just listening to Marshall Ferguson on the TSN post game show and he thinks that the penalty shouldn't have been roughing the kicker but contacting the kicker - not as serious an infraction and might have gotten the OTTRBs off the field - albeit with the Ticats probably having a long field.