Burn the 2018 Witches vol IX - Post-Game Thread

Stop noticing things.

We won 2. One against BC and one against Winnipeg. Luckily, one of those two teams will be the crossover team (likely BC).

Still not a good record, but all it takes is 3 wins in a row to win the Cup… but if we keep playing like we have the last game and a half, we don’t have a chance in hell at winning 3 in a row.

I wish Ihad known they were going to mail this one in that would have saved us our drive down from Kitchener

The adjective "guru" either needs a radical re definition or quietly removed from discussion of Jones.
When I say removed I mean forever.

You’re right. We’re actually 2-9 against the other playoff teams.

How about this? We’re 0-9 against playoff teams when their starting QB plays…

This game pretty much killed any serious MOP asperations for Masoli.


I second that. We have two more games this season, let's all stay inside where it's warm and dry and
dream of next year.

I got news for ya , never mind having a chance in hell at winning 3 in a row . This team as it stands right now doesn’t have a snowballs chance in Hell of even winning one in a row . It really doesn’t matter if it’s BC or Winnipeg heading here for the ESF because all they’ll have to do to win and move on to play Ottawa in the EF is simply show up .

I have never left a game so early in my life. I’m crestfallen.

I used to get upset over a loss. Now, I just don’t care. It doesn’t matter, because we don’t have a hope in hell of making the GC, let alone winning it.

Didn’t Bob himself say winning wasn’t important and that entertainment was…
So i hope that fake whistle and big bar are pretty darn entertaining.

Bob needs to stop being a yes man theres some folks in the office that need to be tossed out and bring in some real football heads that can bring in some winners for a change

I think it’s now clear who our MOP was. It wasn’t the guy slinging balls tonight, but the guy who had his arm in a sling.

And we have a winner.

You have got to feel bad for the fans who sat there in that miserable cold wet weather. Only to have to watch that garbage. Totally outclassed by Ottawa.

No, its not the fans you have to feel bad for… we’ve made our choice…

shout out to all the wives, girlfriends, husbands and boyfriends who got dragged to the game and were forced to stay to the end by masochistic fans who think sitting through a bad game in shite weather will somehow manifest itself as good karma for the rest of the season.

Also… happy anniversary to me… think i owe her a few massages now…

Where he usually is... underperforming and collecting an inflated cheque because he's a national.

Goes the dynamite.

kinda looked like he spent most of the game making sure none of the other Dlinemen took pointless, after the whistle, unnecessary roughness penalties like Cap did in the first quarter.

Look at the bright side... you probably had a good pre game beverage and meal at a very reasonable price! LOL ;D 8)