Burn the 2018 Witches vol IX - Post-Game Thread

I can’t believe that I’m typing this with 6:00 left in the game.
Masoli was awful, receivers couldn’t catch a cold.
SEVERELY out-coached in this game.
First-and-twenty - why not run a draw play for 3 yards?
At least 2 Time-Count violations - AT A HOME GAME!!!
Masoli with an INT in the end zone. Not-so-fond memories of Glenn.
Far too many idiotic penalties - this falls directly on the coaching staff. No discipline = no accountability.
Far too many receivers with season-ending injuries.

We cannot beat Ottawa. Period. We may not even survive to face them again this year.

It doesn’t matter who the crossover team is, we can’t beat them.

To come out and get shellacked like that again by the same team in front of your home fans tells me these guys lacked pride and preparation moreso than anything injury wise. The penalty situation that has perennially haunted this team is a cancer that there’s no cure for. You can look at it like a moot point because Toronto isn’t beating Ottawa anyway but still, RB’s made the Ticats look weak, foolish and disinterested - in their own barn.

Left at half
Just got home.
Right decision.
Even better decision would have been to avoid going altogether.
A stinker!

Its amazing how things can change. We were on top of the world two weeks ago with both Banks and Sinkfield ready to go.

I’m stoked after this game. When can I buy my 2019 Ticats seasons tickets Bob? After that team effort today, I can hardly wait for next season and knowing once again I don’t have to watch any cheerleaders that might distract my attention from the product on the field. Eat 'em raw!

This team was not ready to play. Stopped them on 3rd down and showed zero emotion.

Team looked like it was still thinking about last week.

Soooo many injuries. :-\

Tough to overcome so late in the season.
Get ready for WPG or BC


Simoni seemed like the only player who cared. Where was Ted Laurent?

Wasn't gonna go there, since so many people said all of the penalties last week weren't a result of coaching.

We're now 1-8 against the other playoff teams.

I’d accept the injury excuse if Jones actually tried to construct something challenging but Jones , the guru, was content to run the same old same old.

A mobile QB could have been exploited, run a different package, but when you have a senior citizen coach with no CFL experience in a quarter century you’re asking too much it seems.

What it boils down to Jones is a completely ordinary and unremarkable coach. Please do not bring him back.

Its ground hog day every season with this team. I have never seen a team so unable to rise to the occasion like the Tiger Cats. Ottawa has been in the league 5 years and have finished first and won the Grey cup. Meanwhile in Hamilton we have a Steam Whistle, a big bar and fans that come and don’t watch the game, and a consistent sub par product on the field.

Absolutely agree Grover! Trying to work not one -but TWO new receivers into the lineup is tough enough. To try to do it under the nasty weather conditions that they faced today makes it even tougher. Meanwhile we were facing a VERY healthy opponent - one with their starting receiving corps intact! I’ve seen Masoli make difficult throws under adverse weather conditions WHEN he has most of his starters which unfortunately is no longer the case.

I heard an analyst mention a few days ago that BC would probably be the more favourable matchup for the Ticats to face as a crossover team, so I guess it’s GO RIDERS! I think if BC loses this game they are destined to come east for the ESF.

And where was Unamba??

  1. A pathetic excuse for a football team !! In front of their own fans they stunk the joint out.

Anyone who thinks this team is a good team, doesn’t know too much about football at all ::slight_smile:

I left just into the 3rd quarter, and that was not a minute too soon :-[

What a waste of good money watching these jokes !!! ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

Dean was the D standout, by far, over Lawrence, to me.

Stop being so negative.

Now I’m going to address the elephant in the room with this VERY possible scenario:

Next week’s game against Montreal means less than nothing. I fully expect the starting offence (what little of it remains) to play the first quarter or half. Then I expect the backups to play for the remainder of the game, mostly to prevent even more injuries to the starters. There is a very strong possibility that Montreal will win if they play THEIR starters all game.

This will bring us to 8-10, the same record that people crucified Marcel Belleufille for.

  1. You're right...sorry about that...LOL :wink: :wink: