Burn the 2018 Witches vol 1 - @ Calgary

Masoli coughs up an INT that sealed the game for the Stumps.

Rolle is a player. Mitchell stayed away from him entire second half.

Besides the obvious. Only guy more invisible than Tracy was Laurent. Mitchell had it way too easy today.

Well played game ....except for the few mistakes. I was waiting for the usual come out flat for the 1st qtr. Some bad calls but all in all we were in the game up until the end. Good game boys!!!

I was dissapointed with our Dline. Laurent, Cappicotti and Tracy are all veteran players, yet they got very little pressure.

Linebackers need to step up and fill those gaps, when defending the run.

Secondary showed their lack of experience.

Ciraco looked good in his first start at RG. In fact the Oline gave Masoli lots of time today.

Couple of drops by the receivers, hopefully they can fix that.

That Masoli interception was a bad mistake.

All i can say is thank god we traded Charleston Hughes for Vernon "we're not even flying you out to Calgary" Adams

Lots of growing pains with new players and coaches led to too many mistakes and penalties. I don't think quarterbacking was the problem. I'm pissed that we can't find a true running back that could step in and be a serious offensive threat to take some pressure off. Whitlock was ok but him and Timmis aren't exactly keeping the d at bay.

I don’t recall a screen pass called by the Cats during the game to mix things up but they kept going to the (failed) pass to the flats that was well covered every time. I don’t think they gained more than 3 or 4 yards on that play. Perhaps hoping Banks would be one-on-one and break one but Stamps had the play snifted out all game.

41 returning players. Second only to the Argos.
Stop making excuses for Masoli. You didn't want to hear them for Collaros.

Baffling with such an offensive minded staff and all this time to implement systems third and short is still an adventure.

So you are missing Bomben?

Anyone else think Tracy looked kinda slow and out of the play a lot?

Yes there are a lot of returning players but they weren't all on the field - e.g. Green, Toliver, Chambers all injured (among others).

Lots of new young players in the secondary so yes there are some growing pains and the kind of mistakes that occur in the first game of the season. Ticats lost the turnover battle and that is not usually a recipe for success. Too many penalties - but that again is what happens when there are a number of rookie players on the field. I did see improvement in the D as the game progressed. Unfortunately some of the mistakes were costly in terms of points (Rice holding penalty, late game interception) but if they can learn from them, then they will only get better as a team.

14 points.

Not gonna get it done in this league.

Masoli could have run for a first when he threw that late pick.

I agree, not enough screen style passes and with no real running threat, teams can just pin back their ears and pressure our passer.

I’m not worried about him. If Manziel makes that 10 yard shovel pass people’s head would have exploded. He single handedly gave them any chance at all. Nothing a little Jerome Messam couldn’t have helped or a 60 yard PI call for most of your offence.

Agree they need a running game . It appeared late with Whitlock . They should have rode him more late and open up the receivers and give the QB a little more time as they were cheating on D with the pass rush .

They need to balance the O with running and they would win today .

How could you not? Hes a superstar. No way Masoli throws that pick if he was still here

If we replaced Masoli with Collaros we would have won. peroid.
I have said it many times Masoli is a good backup, but not a great #1 QB.
Maybe Manzeil can save our beacon.

We should have won this game. Masoli disappeared in the second half. That second and short turnover was a killer.

BOTH turnovers were killers.
So was that unnecessary illegal block on the TD return.


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