Burn the 2018 Witches Post-Game Thread vol VI

  1. Why are there no deep passing plays to ANY of our receivers?
  2. Two idiotic interceptions by Masoli on the scramble. He HAS to stop doing those.
  3. If not for Larry Dean, Delvin Breaux Sr., and Shakier Ryan scoring TDs, we would have been blown out. The Offence did squat.
    4 Terrible play calling. As Crash said “June Jones should be fired for that entire sequence. That’s terrible. Two run plays from the 7 and a FG down 12.
  4. Don Unamba had a heck of a game.
  5. Lir1m Hajrullahu had a very bad game. A missed FG (3), a missed FG (1), a kickoff that went OOB that led to a FG (3) and a horrible punt that was returned for a TD - (6) and that equals 16 points.
  6. No hurry-up offence in the 4th quarter. CAL’s defence must have been getting gassed, and quick play calls would have kept them on the field with no rotation.
  7. Another poor use of the challenge flag cost us a time out.
  8. Is it against the rules to call a holding penalty on Calgary?
  9. That being said - the officiating was pretty good today.
  10. And Masoli finishes the game by fumbling the football. Unbelievable.

Pretty much covers it.

#5; it’s not just this game. . . Unamba’s been lights out all season. He has to be the team’s nominee for outstanding defensive player.

We lost to the best team in the League.

It was the way we lost that hurts.

That’s crazy talk now.

Exactly, slightest shred of offensive output may have made a huge deal at some points.

I’m putting the majority of the blame on Coach Jones for this one. He called a scared game, we played a scared game, and at the most important point of the game he went ultra conservative (2 running plays from the 7 and a FG) - we used a 7 minute drive to remain down 2 scores.

If I’m a player in that locker room I’m fuming because he didn’t give the team a chance to win when it counted most.

That entire sequence was an absolute joke.

I love Masoli but anybody exconerating him from today’s offensive disaster need to give their head a shake

There is no excuse to make the mistakes he does as a pro level quarterback and never corrects them. Stop throwing off your back foot, stop throwing it across your body, stop throwing it into the middle of the field when you’re in panic mode, please start just throwing the damn ball away so we can live to see another down.

Like I said I love Soli and think he’s a good QB, but great QBs don’t do this over and over and over and over again.

My other main gripe was the defensive line was invisible nearly the whole game minus a few plays. Bo Levi will eventually kill you if you give him all night to figure it out.

Best in the league right IMO. He’s blossomed into another Simoni type linebacker

True. Westerman and Capicciotti have not been earning their paycheques. Laurent, Neill, and Whitlock were hardly noticeable. Tracy's the only one who made himself noticeable. . . and occasionally not in a good way.

You and I seem to think alike, 2ez

We lost to the best team in the league (as Grover said) and if we see them again this year it will be in Edmonton, in November, and there won’t be deep balls in that game.

I thought special teams played their best game of the season (except the fumble from the new guy).

D held up nicely too.

Put Banks back in there and maybe we have a swing in momentum with a couple of catches from him.

Can’t win without offensive production.

Not as frustrating loss as the others this season.

Too bad we can’t inject some of these Steeltown brains into June Jones;)Still trying to figure out his logic down the stretch there he kills me in the redzone

3rd & goal from the six with 7 minutes left down 12 points and we elect to try a field goal… brutal… we then give 29 yards to the Stamps(to scrimmage at 35 yd line) and yet we’re still down 2 scores after a successful kick by the unreliable Hajrullahu… horrible decision at that point in the game. Go for the major and pin them deep if unsuccessful(do we have a defense that can step it up when the games on the line?)… this team is going nowhere with this ineptness.

Rushing 3 against Bo and giving him time will get you a loss every time …we got pressured constantly by Calgary and yes another loss .

After kicking that Field goal with 7 minutes remaining

CGY responds with a 12 play, 80 yard touchdown drive taking 5 minutes and 57seconds off the clock

7 minutes is a ton of time in the CFL, IF YOU CAN GET A STOP!!!

7 mins doesn’t matter when your O has scored twice in 53 minutes… Did anyone in the country think we could score 3 more times?

As somebody who sat right next to 2ez at this game I agree and fully endorse this post .

I’m with you Grove but we had maybe one sniff of the Stamps red zone all game up until that point and couldnt score six … Sometimes you’ve gotta play the flow of the game, know who you’re playing, and know when to go all in. The Stamps defence finally broke down for one drive and we let them off the hook with two running plays from the seven yard line and a field goal. I agree that’s generally a lot of time but not today with how the offence was operating.

That last drive from the defence was so disheartening they just gave up it seemed. If we got a two and out maybe we’re singing a different tune but I 100% disagree with the FG call in that situation.

I would have been fine with trying for the TD, either way we still needed a stop