Burn the 2018 EDF Witches Post-Game Thread

I’m starting this one early, barring a miracle.
June Jones and Jerry Glanville were completely out-coached.
The players came out cold.
Brutal coaching decisions by not going for the TD on 3rd down near the goal-line.
Gutless coach.
Defence playing zone all day and Harris picked it apart. La Senza lingerie has better coverage.
Masoli throwing 2 INTs that lead to 2 TDs on the next play by Ottawa.
No sense of urgency, no hurry-up offence, no playing with intimidation.
Changes have to be made.

Forgot “high school clock management before the half”.

All around collapse by every facet of this team.
I still like our O, but our D needs to be much better…more consistent (in a good way not consistently bad like today)

Embarrassed by the way this team played.
Embarrassed for the fans that made the trip.
Embarrassed by the inept coaching.
Embarrassed by the lack of urgency and focus.

Is it June Yet ?! Will be a very
Interesting off season . Injuries and our #1 pick going stateside . I think Orlondo and a rebuild will take place

Ottawa has the better team this year. 'Nuff said.

That’s about the size of it. The better team won.

Crash you are bang on re the bad clock mgmt before half. We were lucky we scored bc we sqandered 12 seconds there. Then again take your pick we never had a legit hurry up all year…thats coaching. Its a small thing but says alot.

It is disappointing to lose, it sucks big time
OTT was better, our “D” had no answer to their “O”

I am sure every one of our players and staff are totally devastated right now

Hey, We came out of 2018 tied for 3rd overall.
We will get 1st next year.

Agree. Felt sorry for Simoni at the end. Couldn’t hold back his emotions. Nice to see Dean trying to console him.

F#*k I hate the BUMCRACKS

Same. One of the dumbest team names in sports, & I can’t stand most of their players

June Jones showed that he learned absolutely nothing in the year and a half he has had to learn. Players are cut for less.

For a few fleeting minutes we were in todays game, then the chicken sh$# decision to kick a field goal was thrust upon them. All downhill from there.

Do we get playoff participant ribbons?

I severely doubt the team that loses the West final will be happy to finish tied for 3rd.

i’m just glad we won’t have to read Crash’s negative posts for the next 6 months.
Or will we?

Wait for the spin in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

I don’t find him to be overly negative. He’s one of the more realistic posters on here.

Fact is, we’re a .500 team. I don’t see a whole lot of reasons to jump up & down. We’re fans, not cheerleaders.

Just read back.

He’s not wrong.