Burlington Tiger-Cats and Burlington Argonauts???

Just read Drew's blog today quoting a piece on David Braley suggesting the new Pan-Am stadium be built between Hamilton and Toronto " like Burlington" ....so the Tiger-Cats and the blue team can share it when it turns into a football stadium. :thdn:
The scary part is that Braley apparently has the ear of Prime Minister Harper!
Your dreams could soon come true! :slight_smile:

People won't drive down the street to see either team can't see them driving to Burlington to watch a game.Put the stadium in Hamilton and move the Argonauts to BMO field

8) Mine too !!! :D

If you want to keep even more people away from games this is a GREAT way to do it!!!

You got that right.

That would be the final nail in the coffin for both teams IMO. Toronto more so than Hamilton but both teams will lose thousands of longtime customers if they move there

Burlington is a much better location than where IWS currently is, that's for sure, easy transportation on the GO line. I like the harborfront though. But if the team remains at IWS, then the TiCats and the city of Hamilton will remain as the image of the dirty steel town that no one outside of the city wants to come to. Not saying that's correct, not at all, but the TiCat franchise is dead if they remain at IWS for much longer and I don't care how good the sightlines are. Just my opinion. You know I love going to IWS stadium now, that's not the issue. Sharing a stadium with the Argos makes perfect sense to me when there are only 9-10 home games in football. I love the idea.

People have to start thinking image here, you might not want to but I think you have to. The TiCats deserve a location as nice as what the college Western Mustangs have in London and it's not even the talent of the CFL.

Hamilton is a proud city. If the Cats bail on the city I'm fairly certain a good chunk of the city will bail on the Cats. They will no longer be our team if they move elsewhere and it will cause a lot of people to quit going. Southern Ontario isn't a CFL hotbed and moving to Burlington isn't going to gain many fans that aren't already going. IWS's location really isn't the issue. Its a lot easier to get to than Burlington is for the majority. The issue is the teams performance and the lack of quality seats. If you took up the planks and installed real seating most of the stadium complaints would disappear. It would also create an urgency to purchase because the capacity would be reduced from 29000 to 25000. Sure a new stadium would attract more than a reno on IWS but only if its within Hamilton city limits

Burlington though brings a different dynamic to the situation as, should it come to pass that having 2 pro teams so close to each other in CFL football just isn't going to work, then the one new team playing out of Burlington makes more sense and can be called the GTA or Southern Ontario TArgoCats, or something. If the stadium is in Hamilton and the Tiger-Cats go down the tubes, yikes, that's not good for anyone.

Can this area support 2 teams in the long run in the CFL? I'd hope so, really, but I don't know.

Burlington is a sure fired bet the Argos and the entire CFL will go down. Argos fans won't go there. Ticats in Burlington. Can't see how you sell that here. Unless you think you can replace 5-10 thousand STH's with new ones it can't work

You could very well be right AKT, I'm just brainstorming which basically means I'm not putting a lot of thought into it, just letting ideas float around. It'll be interesting how much comes of this, guess we'll see as time rolls on.


The southern Ontario TArgoCats??

Worst idea ever.

I'm thinking DREW opened his time capsule from the 60's and 70's little too early ..... :rockin: :thup: :lol:

Go TArgoCats!! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

I would not mind if The Ticats Build it here..
Last of a Trip for me

If they build it in the Hammer fine Burlington would be Better for me..

Could be the dumbest idea ever.
Why people can't figure out that 'dollars/ cents/ proximity/ accessibilty' don't always equate to identity is beyond me.

If this were the case, every stadium and arena would be out at a highway interchange. The one's that were have been a failure.

A team's brand extends well beyond their logo. Location and stadium have as nearly as much to do with a team's identity as their colours. Teams in the boondocks relate to no one. They can't become a fabric of the community - a part of the thread that ties us all of our stories togethe-- when its, in fact, not at all part of the community.

Put the team out in the sticks and it becomes pretty easy to ignore.

If they don’t get the Pan-Am Games …
The Only chance for a new Stadium will be in Burlington Cause Hamilton won’t Spend the Money.

This will never happen.


BUT if it does happen... My loyalty to the Ticats will be gone and whichever team ends up in Ottawa will be my team.

Hey Rusty,

You don`t have to worry. This will never happen!! The "southern Ontario TArgoCats" will never see the day of light :lol: :lol:

Put the team out in the sticks and it becomes pretty easy to ignore.

Burlington in the sticks slo? Ok, whatever you say. Depends on your definition of "the sticks" and in relation to what. Some would say anything near the steel factories in Hamilton is more than "the sticks" big-time.

Look, we all want the TiCats to be in Hamilton and the Argos to be in Toronto but... We have some stadium issues with both the TiCats and Argos and let's see what is the best overall solution to this situation, please. First business, the Pan-Am Games decision...