Burlington Braves 72 Hamilton Hurricans 12 LOL

So much for The Return of Rivalry.
The Braves Did the City of Burlington Proud…
The Hurricanes are going to have a Long year…
We may in a CFLJ Title …this year

72 to 12 OUCH :lol:

Don't flatter yourself...Hamilton is a new team and will take a few years to get going again....lets see how Braves do when they play the St leonard team

I fixed your typo. :stuck_out_tongue:

Take a downer Tom.

The 'Canes will be back. Maybe quicker than the other team that represents MY city.

heh my brother threw for the hurricanes only 2 scores.

I think the game was closer than the score indicates........

Fire the coaches. Has to be their fault.

8) Exactly !! Do it immediately and then the team still has a chance at making the playoffs this year !!!!
Fire the coaches. Has to be their fault.
Nah...I think it's Jason Farr's fault