Burkes the Man...

…According to media sources it looks like Tim Burke will be our head-coach in 2013 and beyond…NO OFFICIAL word yet but it is being reported Burke has been looked on favourably by Bomber management and it will be announced before the end of the season…I like it…Even if we finish the year on a losing note (not a definite), I believe Tim will just get better…The players like him and will play for the guy…he’s a straight talking kind of coach, no b.s. and commands respect…I also like the idea we’ll be starting the year off with that position solidified AND am looking for some tweaking in the asst. coaches dept…We are short one now so that’s a certainity…Does this also answer the ‘Mack’ question??? I would think if Burke is to be announced as our man next year, Mack will continue on…Can’t see a new gm coming in with Burke installed as head-coach, with no-way to choose his own…Soooooo we continue down the present road ,which is certainly looking better than the one Lapolice had us on…Look out for the BIGBLUE in 2013…Nowhere to go but up guys :thup: :rockin:

Does that mean Garber steps up into the DC position?

...Not necessarily....we'll have to wait and see what Burke has in mind....He might want to make significant changes in the coaching ranks...Mr. Walters of special teams comes to mind :wink:

Should the Bombers Management decide/vote to keep Mack and Burke, I say it is a wise decision; if these two Individuals were released/let go, it would be back to square one. The Bombers Team is much better than their records and Mack and Burke deserve to stay on.


.....agree totally :thup:

They just need to get their QB situation sorted out.

Burke they can keep. Mack can leave and never come back.

Well my guess is if they are confirming Burke it means Mack gets at least another year. The just extended him so its no surprise probably for the best, they won't have an attendance problem anyway with the new diggs. They can afford to be patient. Will be interesting to see if the coordinators are back as well ???

No guarantee Burke would stay if Mack goes. GMs like to bring in their own people.

Right and coaches like to pick their assistants. Will be interesting to see who he brings back.

Lots of rumors flying around. Would agree with blue blood in that if Mack is sent packing then there is no guarantee Burke remains as HC, unless the new GM is promoted from within, maybe Hodgkinson? There's was also talk of hiring someone to essentially be a co-GM that maintains a local presence during the offseason which Mack does not do. Maybe he keeps the VP title and someone else takes over as a GM. One thing that seems evident about Burke is he's not afraid to call out things that are working publicly. He was pretty frank in his comments about Elliott's turnovers vs Calgary, the defensive play vs Toronto. I think every player in that locker room has a pretty good idea where they stand with him. Regardless if he remains as HC or if someone takes over, I would expect them to expand the coaching roster, at least with a new offensive coach like a dedicated QB coach, maybe another coach on the defensive side. They currently don't have a secondary coach.