Burke's Blue Boozers

Looks like Tim Burke has Boozers in the locker room. LOL !

[url=http://www.winnipegsun.com/2013/05/01/bombers-gm-joe-mack-concerned-about-blue-boozing]http://www.winnipegsun.com/2013/05/01/b ... ue-boozing[/url]

explains a lot.

I wonder what's the chance that the player offered to the Ticats to move up in the draft is one of the "boozers"? :lol:

No worries, the new stadium has a 100 000.00 sobriety test station.

Why did you put your picture up?

I was expecting you 8)
Just go and cry to the moderators they will take it down for you.

No, no....you've already made an as'k' of yourself...this just proves it.

...lighten up a bit, I thought the pin-the-tail thing was kinda funny...although I must admit on first glance I thought it was the BB mini-camp quarterback accuracy test results....

And that's what it was a little levity but I'm starting to know my "creepers" :slight_smile:

Ohhh snap!

and the hits just keep on comin !

maybe they could take back all the empties and put it towards the debt :oops:

Or help out what ever southern ontario team is floundering in debt again !

Ya I remember reading a winnipeg poster forewarning about this situation last season. If I remember he was suggesting some some DB's seen out and about quite a bit in obvious party mode.

Edmonton had this issues a number of years back....let it go, and it ended in fatal sadness.

Hard to believe if a player was too hung over to practice well that they wouldn't be cut ultimately. Dicey tho I guess.

A an acquaintance who was a back-up in BC told me one time that Buono had a zero tolerance attitude on this in BC. If booze was an issue hampering performance in practice they were soon gone.

Kind of sounds like Mack was making excuses for the players drinking and in a way saying it was ok. If it's affecting the team and putting them at the bottom of the standings those guys should just be released. There are guys out there that would kill for the opportunity these players are drinking away.

I'm not sure it was smart for Burke to drop this one in the media. It is a choice but it might have been more effective if he had done it in his address to the team at camp. Because now the whole team is tainted.

That's a good point. It gives the Winnipeg Media, which is somewhat negative, a thread to use whenever something goes wrong or whenever a player gets benched it creates questions.
Organizationally I see no reason for management to go public about this. What's the gain?

yeah..to me it seems like a shot at Lapo, and an excuse for losing.

look at the pretty light...see....I fixed it good!

Should never have gone public with this. Creating another "rebuild year" excuse ahead of time?

C'mon Winnipeg. Get your house in order and get competitive. BB aren't my fave team but would like to see them have some success this year.

Bit of a rookie HC blunder on Burke's part. As others have noted, what's to be gained by airing this piece of dirty laundry in public? It just taints the whole dressing-room unnecessarily and creates an easy canard for the media whenever Winnipeg loses. Burke isn't doing himself any favors by putting these kinds of items in the news.

I'm not sure if I have any issue with Burke and Mack airing it out versus keeping it in the dressing room. They didn't single out players by name. Basically they are making it known publicly that there will be a different accountability for the players from the getgo this season. As for singling out LaPo, from what was said they didn't say that burke fixed the problem when he took over, in fact it could be taken as Burke allowed the behaviour to continue or wasn't able to curtail it. I don't think there's anything wrong with letting the guys know they will be held to a different standard.