Burke staying in the Peg

...I am disappointed in a way for Tim BUT sure as hell happy he remains a Bomber..The players luv this guy and he's an intelligent headman of the future...Who knows ...could even be here :thup: :rockin:

…OH AND Perry Leftko…you’re reporting skills leave a lot to be desired :lol: :lol: schmuck

I'm happy for multiple reasons.And very annoyed with Lefko.I actually believed what he said and was in utter shock that Burke wasn't the automatic pick in that situation.Then again he's been wrong before.I like this move for the Cats and I like this move for the Bombers, the west is gunna get absolutely spanked this year if you ask me :rockin:

Woa, Woa, woa there 15_ champs; don't get carried away on the spankin Richshaw Wagon Wheel Chirp :stuck_out_tongue:
This year is going to be a dandy though and the East could get whipped :cowboy: