Burke should be fined!!!!

The Cats should be happy this happened, blowing a team out pre season or not can only help you sell tickets. People were having a great time at the game chanting we want 50 and then we want 60 once the first goal was reached. I'm hoping some of these people who don't have other tickets decided they loved it and bought tickets for a future game.

I don't know why people are saying the fans won't enjoy playing against Winnipeg back ups. I loved that game. I loved the punt return. I loved the interceptions and I loved the cats absolutely dominating the Bombers. I loved that the cats kept the pressure on and didn't go all soft zone prevent or allowed Winnipeg to score some token points to run the clock out. I loved every second of it. Do I care that the Bombers brought all rookies and second stringers.....not one bit.

Oskee Wee Wee.

Evaluation is based on what you do in your role, not what your opponent does in his. We got all the evaluation we needed out there.

The CFL needs to set some tougher player rules for pre-season games.
No starters???? Whenever fans have to pay to see a game, pre-season or not, they deserve a better bang for their buck. If the hometown fans want to see a practice, they can go down to the stadium and watch it free of charge.
I think the NHL has somes rules for pre-season games that prevent what Tim Burke did...although I could not find anything in the rule book.

What if it's the near end of the regular season and a team bound for the playoffs sits its starters during a meaningless game? Let's say, Toronto last October, at home, and their third and fourth stringers beat the visiting team even though the visitors NEED a win to make the playoffs?

What if your team is up by twenty points in the third quarter in a mid-season game? Do you keep the starter in to please the fans and the TV audience, or do you put in the rookie to give him playing experience?

What if a player mouths off in the dressing room during half time, and the coach benches him for a quarter or the rest of the game to make a point to the rest of the team?

We might not like these decisions as paying customers at a particular game, but sitting out a player can happen at any point during the year. Why? Because coaches have to think about the entire season as well as individual games.

Ultimately, I wouldn't want to see a rule on pre-season or any other part of the season. The decision to sit or start players has to rest with the coaches. It's always a strategic decision, and it's just another part of the game.

And let's face -- last Thursday night will remain a memorable game regardless of who was on the field for the Bombers. If only we'd had a boat in the Guelph endzone!

X2 Well stated, DAP.

Oski Wee Wee,


In most of the scenarios you offered, only one or two players are being suggested, there are still other starters in the lineup and the reasons would be understood by most fans. But, it can be argued that when you are resting a number of first stringers on your lineup just before the playoffs because your team has it sewn up, resulting in your team being less competitive, you are skewing the results for others.

However, Burke is responsible to his own team, the organization should be made to show up at another team's home game with a reasonable lineup so that the contest will be competitive and provide entertainment for those paying to be there. Else, the preseason exercise has little purpose and scrimmages employed instead.

Bombers stand for free "B" on the bingo card.

I don't think any rules are needed. Burke made an absurd coaching decision that no one will ever attempt again - and no one but Burke would have done in the first place. Coaches and GMs have better things to do than bring this up with the rules committee.