Burke should be fined!!!!

When a head coach makes the kind of decision that Tim Burke did before this game against Hamilton, to keep his starters at home, and provide such a poor display to PAYING CUSTOMERS, he and the football team should be fined and punished.

From Steve Milton...

" Not sure if the CFL can do anything about this, but you can't have a team coming into the final exhibition game with virtually no starters in the dressing room. One of the contributors to that is the short time between the last pre-season games and the first in-season one. The league has to look this one directly in the eye, to see if it can prevent this insult to the paying fans. No one learned much about anything Thursday night, which isn't much return from half the available exhibition games."

The CFL is a gate driven league. How can you hope to get fans to even pay attention, let alone put their hard earned money down to watch, these preseason games, when you have coaches making such selfish decisions. This group is clearly not thinking of the other teams, the league or worst of all, those who are paying the freight.

I get it that he has a responsibility to his own organization, but as long as those attending are paying money, he should have a greater obligation to provide something that resembles entertainment. His team failed miserably on that count and should not be compensated for showing up. Because they didn't.

I hope we get to pay them back, next time this joke shows up against Hamilton.


I actually think it's a stupid strategy on Burke's part, for what it's worth. Evaluating an entire roster of rookies on the field at the same time tells you nothing, because the real game, in the regular season, isn't going to be all rookies. It will be a mix of veterans and rookies. He's skewing the terms of evaluation in preseason, and those terms will change once the regular season starts. To say nothing of the effect on morale when you're blown out and shut out 52-0. Rookie HC mistake IMO.

I totally agree. Burke didn’t do himself or his team any favours. It would have been best to play some of his starters to get their rust out and see if they are still up to standard. Burris and the offense had some kinks to work out early, but by the time they were done, seemed to working more cohesively. Exhibition wins or losses can sometimes be deceiving. However, it’s always good to get that winning attitude and standard established as early as possible.

My rant was more from the fans’ point of view.

What Austin and the Tiger cats provided to the BB’s was an opportunity for some real evaluation. What Burke did in return was nothing more than place some pylons on the field.

Hardly a fair exchange.

I definitely agree that there needs to be a limit on how many rookies can dress for preseason. There is absolutely no entertainment value for the fans in watching a glorified practice where one team is fielding more of its starters and the other team is the football equivalent of the Washington Generals.

But, at least the Generals scored some points!!

I wonder how many of the BB’s starters would have been kept off the field if this game were in Winnipeg??

The topic should have read, change the n to r !! What a JOKE that was, I felt sorry for the Winnipeg Rookies, They had no chance because of that Stupid decision ! Even last night on TSN they were talking about playing your starters the first half to get them ready for the first regular season game :roll:


Why all the Fuss, Winnipeg will lose anyway with Starters or No Starters, the team Stinks Period, they have Burke as head coach and Ex Cat coach Creehan and we already know how well that worked out last season?? I predict a 0 win season for the Bummers, nice new stadium though???

well his decision did nothing for his team or the cats from the cats perspective it wasnt like they played or exicuted the perfect game as half the guys or more they played aginst wont be seen agin

When I first read this post with regard to the paying fans, I thought, meh! but that's because I never really gave it much thought. After reading through the replies, I can see now why Milty is upset and other members are pi___d off. I wonder how the Peg fans are taking this? The league schedules these games in the same vein as regular season games expecting the team to "show up" not just have a presence in name only. Someone made the point: would Burke taken the same approach if the game was in the Peg. I doubt it!!!!! Fined or Fired, something should be done.

It would be nice if other teams had the option to "opt out" of playing certain opponents in pre-season games. i.e. other coaches could decline to play Winnipeg next year, since they are apparently not interested in providing opponents with an opportunity to evaluate players. As it turns out, with 9 teams in the league next year, everyone could still play two games, while the Bombers sit home and scrimmage, which is what they really seem to want anyway.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, Burke will get his reward when his team comes out flat to start the regular season.

The Cable 14 announcers said that the reason Burkie didn't bring his starters was because of how they suffered many injuries in the 2012 pre season to starters, saying that this led to their horrid start to the regular season. Not sure what he is smoking, but Mike....

:cowboy: ...would sure like some. Reality is so dull. :wink:

The Bumbers could not afford to bring everyone, There Broke :lol:

Also, didn't he say something to the effect of ''We're probably going to lose given the players we took to this game'', or something like that to media and the public. Could you imagine if your boss publicly said ''We're probably going to do poorly for the next while because of the employees we have right now''. That attitude, as people have pointed out is insulting to paying customers, but is even more insulting to the players. Morale was probably in the toilet in Winnipeg's locker room before the game even started after that remark, and may have even been a contributing factor to the score in that game.

The cfl has to put a set number of veterans to play in a game especially the 2nd game. maybe 4 each side of the ball. I think the nfl has some rule to that effect. mlb spring training games have a certain amount of veterans for a least the first 3 or 4 innings. no reason the cfl can't enforce something like that.


Burke is the HC of the Bombers. If he wants to hurt his team, let him. We play them four times this season, so repeating that preseason performance will be key. If he wants to spite us, and have our vets not get a full tune up, let him. If he wants his rookies to experience a devastating loss let him. If he thinks his vets don't need to shake off rust and not mesh with his rookies, let him. If he wants to spend time evaluating his rookies against our vets, let him. It's his team, and how he wants to drive that organization is his call until he's done. It's now up to the Als to show Burke the error of his ways. We'll get our chance in week three after Toronto and Edmonton.

I'm reminded of something Georges St. Pierre said many times in regards to preparing for his fights, it's something to the affect of "I can't worry about what my opponent is doing. I can't control what he is going to do and how is going to train. I can only control what I can do to win the fight and focus on what I need to do" and that pretty much sums up this situation. Worry about how we are going to get as many bodies into the dome and make the Argos play and away game at home, not what Burke is doing.

And we wonder why TSN doesn't want to get into broadcasting pre-season games. When you see stuff like this fans get turned off and say "whats the point of attending or watching a pre-season game", how can you get an evaluation of your players when the opposition is playing all back ups. What's the point? the teams might as well just have scrimmages, offense vs defense. The CFL should do something about it or the whole pre-season schedule becomes irrelevant.

Winnipeg is in a sad state with Joe Mack at the helm ... they are going to struggle again this year.

Swaggerville no more.

ya and fire Austin too for not bringing Burris to montreal!

it's pre season, who cares? live tackling dummies in real game ish action to get our boys a tune up and work on technique.

no one rags on a coach for using a "vanilla playbook" in preseason, why this? give the hometown fans the hometown stars beating up on a lesser opponent. sounds like fun to me