Burke Resigns. Creehan is the new DC

Redblacks are now a playoff team. Even the great Ricky Ray could not overcome his presence when Creehan was merely a assistant under Burke. I can only imagine the results this coming year as Creehan for some reason is again hired as a CFL DC. Must be the buddy system in play.

Or rather more likely being that we are scant weeks away from training camp, there was no one decent available.

Kirk Penton says according to Milanovich that Burke is in fine health. Furthermore, the issue was not philosophical differences. Penton thinks the reason for resignation is a family issue.

Milanovich elsewhere said this issue has been ongoing and nothing new. Furthermore, Milanovich credits Creehan for fine tuning the defense last year which sounds like the reason he was promoted.

Well... There were all sorts of complaints about the low scoring in the league. Plus, the Argos played in the East which had an expansion team who could not score. Yet, the Argos D was pretty bad. Team had zero divisional all-stars on defense.

C'est malheureux pour les Argonauts et leurs supporteurs, surtout dans cette période d'incertitude.

Je commence à me demander si Barker est encore l'homme de la situation.

Things are moving though as Braley today hinted that a sale might done as soon as next week.

I think Barker is safe for now. If changes are going to be made for 2016, I suspect the Defense will be the scapegoat for a bad 2015.

Barker isn't going anywhere. But in this case I would think it was Milanovich's decision to elevate Creehan. The jury is still out on Creehan as a DC. Hope he has learned from earlier mistakes. He should know something, being around football all his life with his Father being a Coach as well.