Burke moving on????

....According to Perry Leftko the cats will announce Burke as their new head coach at the end of the week :thdn: ??? I guess the search is on for another co-ordinator on d...What's that...3 in three years...Continuity be damned...If this is true i wish Burke good luck and along with TJ Harris i hope they fail miserably against us...We've got our pockets picked .. now to do some raiding of our own....Craig Dickenson looks like someone i would be interested in from Sask....Somebody said in another thread he is definitely an up and comer..I think we should have a look...If Burke takes Creehan and a few others follow him we'll be left scrambling for coaches to run this team...This is a bad spot we find ourselves in now...I wonder what the next move is ...We have serious coach hunting to do IF this Leftko statement is true :thdn: Better get on it Lapo and Mack

... A report from ArashonmyDanny today is that Burke is NOT the chosen one in Ham...Maybe Leftko ain't righto on this one...I wish they'd make up their minds and get on with it :thdn: :roll:

Do you have a link to this report by Madani?

And, papa, "Lefko" and "right" in the same sentence is an oxymoron.

...you're right about the oxymoron :lol: ..Apparently Madani 'tweeted' the latest blurb on Burke...Went through some of his tweets but can't come-up with the comment???? Could have been led up the garden path on this one... :roll:

.....RUMOUR and rumour only a very reliable poster on another site has some 'rumoured info. that Burke is pulling his name out of the race for head-caoch in Ham. He says Burke is fed up with the indecision schmozzle in catland ..This source is pretty reliable but nothing official from Burke as yet????? :roll:

Do you actually believe that Burke would pull his name out of the running to be a HC at the 11th hour because the Ticats "made him wait too long?"

Sounds like the panic-stricken musings of a Bomber fan who is afraid of reality.

.Look ...Burke's the one who said he would get an answer by today...If you were applying for a job and were told that you would receive a reply and nothing was forthcoming ...what would you do..Wait indefinitely leaving your team (Bombers) in limbo...Not likely but then you're not really interested in the Bombers future are you tees ...No panic here :lol: :lol: We're fine with whatever road Burke decides to go down :wink:

I hope for Hamilton's sake that they pick Burke, I believe he's ready and would make the most of the young talent in our secondary and our declawed front 7.What good would an american coach who knows nothing of the game be at this point?Don't say Huffnagel and Trestman because we all know both teams were packed to the brim with talent and now that they're lacking in that department they aren't looking so hot.I really hope Obie makes the right move here :lol:

Dickenson pulled his name and I wouldn't be surprised if it was for that reason so why not Burke too.

I have nothing against the Cats and nothing against someone advancing their career,but I sure hope Mr. Burke stays in Win. if for nothing other than consistency.Beside the usual retirements and rookies,every off season seems to have too much shuffling of personnel.It makes for great reading and surmising but come kick-off I need a program to remember all the moves.I think consistency and winning teams go hand in hand.

...I have to wonder why anyone would want to coach in that berg, Hamilton...Their whole set-up from gm on down is a joke...Burke maybe wondering why he went for an interview there at all...This charade for head-coach is quite laughable...Mitchell saying one thing, Burke saying another..Someone on the riders forum said they read a tweet from 'caretaker' (cats owner)on the situation , where he said the search for headcoach was enjoyable because it 'screwed' with the Bombers...IF that's the case ,what a fine organization Burke entertained coaching ... :lol: I hope the official announcement comes soon that Burke has pulled his name..then we can get back to the business of kicking their arse in 2012 :thup: :rockin:

Yes i ACTUALLY believed he pulled his name BEFORE the Cortez as coach announcement...Guess Bomber fans have a helluva lot more insight than you :lol:

You are wrong.

[url=http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports/football/bombers/Burke-wont-head-to-TiCats-136876613.html]http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports ... 76613.html[/url]

Burke never pulled his name, and is disappointed. Can you blame him? Look where he know has to live and work.

I don't think he's disappointed in returning to a first class team and Cup contender...As usual you're all wrong...He was disappointed in not getting the job and i would say very happy now he's returning to the best team...I'd believe my source before that free press mumbo jumbo (leftco types)...He pulled his name :wink: