Burke Dales

Edmonton released Burke Dales. Jim !

Why bother? If they were serious about replacing Pippin, they'd have kept Alvarado and brought in more competition (e.g. Medlock) at that position.

What this team needs is a youth movement
Not a 36 yo punter released by the (other) worst team in the league

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He's a punter. who cares if he's 36. My guess he ends up in Winnipeg.

Dales hoping to catch on in Ottawa next year.

When the Alverado situation occurred, Popp said the team would not go with both an American and a Canadian kicker on the game day roster at the same time. He said they would consider having 2 Canadians.

A team should not leave any stone unturned in trying to win a championship. Burke should definitely be given a look.

The Als could definitely consider him,as a punter. Would be a good move/addition. Long,long time ago, he was in the Als training camp.


These are Dales stats the last three years

2012: DALES, B EDM 58 2,739 Average tops in the league 47.2 Longest 65 Singles 6
2011: DALES, B CGY 111 5,243 Average tops in the league 47.2 Longest 82 Singles 11 CFL All Star Selection
2010: DALES, B CGY 118 5,3 Average tops in the league 45.6 Longest 68 Singles 5 CFL All star Selection

That's 600 net yards in field position a year and not counting the better coverage because of hang time.