Burke Dales

......Close to signing with the Bombers as per cjob.....This guy can kick...probably the best in the league...Is it so long Renaud???? :roll:

lol, with the number of 2 and outs from our offence a good punter is a must.

He would have been one of my top priorities for the Bombers. Matvichuck and Dales will improve the punting game by quite a bit. Mat Carter is another guy I would take a long look at if the Bombers plan to start Watson and Poblah. Saw plenty of him at Acadia and he's a very promising receiver. Good head, hands and height.

Dales may help the punting game. Then again if renaud could rebound to his 2010 for that won't be so bad either. Cvetkovic vs Matechuk - not sure who has the edge there. Carter seemed like he was coming on at times in Hamilton last season and could be a good backup for Watson and Poblah as you say. The problem I see there is that they took a chance on both Muamba and Etienne in the draft and they are going to give both of those guys every chance to succeed. After all they had Etienne using up a roster spot all season when they could've kept him around and hid him on the IR all season while he got experience. Carter, with his experience, could push Etienne back and I'm not sure they do that. My guess is they come into camp with 1. Watson 2. Poblah 3. Etienne and then 4. is a draft pick from this year.

...I think Etienne is going to be a good one given time...Just like i thought LaBatte was going to be successful...OH OH ....Where is Etienne from again..... They probably have him tabled already as the next Andy, after we develop him :lol:

Actually I think that might have played a role into why they kept him on their roster all of last season. If they let him go back to finish his last year of CIS he would have been a FA and could have signed with the Riders this offseason. For some silly reason teams don't retain rights to drafted players if they go back to their CIS team to finish their last year of eligibility. I think that rule needs to change.

Etienne could be a good one. Time will tell i guess. He was widely considered a reach last year though. Funny when you go back and look at the list of players drafted after them - who has had any impact - Volny looked good in limited time. The kicker Milo for the Rider, Butler for the Riders. No one else really, at least not to this point.

...Don't know how we got on to Etienne from Dales but anyway :lol: He showed promise although i think Jade is a little on the light side...He could take a pounding and i think that's why we'll bring him along slowly...He made some nice grabs at practice but that's just practice...He runs a nice route and i think he's been told to 'hunker down' in real game conditions... :wink: I'm looking forward on seeing this guy develop and take the next step...We 'could' have another Andy..never know :roll: .....Oh and i agree about that CIS rule and retaining rights...It has to change :thup:

From Dave Naylor's twitter:

David William Naylor@TSNDaveNaylor

Edmonton hoping to finalize a deal with punter Burke Dales today. They are close but deal not signed yet.

Joe Mack: "Zzzzz Zzzzz"

[quote="HfxTC"]Joe Mack: "Zzzzz Zzzzz"[/quote

Dales pulled this stunt once before, What makes you think he wasn't playing again?

I know, someone wake up Joe its almost noon time :slight_smile:

...I guess we are going to do sweet fa in FA...I have to agree with some at this point, that it looks like we're just treading water....BUT i know Mack is a savvy football man and he'll surprise the hell out of everyone with some astounding acquisitions...At least i hope that'll be the case :lol:

He has to be given the benefit no question. He's done a great job at bringing in talent from the States but seems a little clueless about Canadian talent. He gave away a first round pick for Poblah, he drafted Etienne with his first pick and now he's struck out at retaining his Canadians or acquiring any. Looks like he lost out on Dales..

I'm pretty sure the Assistant GM Hodgkinson is in charge of scouting the Canadian draft. Either way, they have some very good looking picks on the roster so I don't know what you're talking about.

Mack also re-signed

B Brown

3 of which are NI starters and Brown the back up safety and teamster.

Don O was simply D Brown's back up, nothing more, he was never to be penciled in as a starter with Labbe and Muamba at LB'er. Also, Kashma on the end got more reps than Don O did.

Labatte was going no matter what Mack tried, he was trying for a year to get him re-signed. What are you going to do when you have 5 NI linemen looking for starters jobs on the roster too boot.

Dales shmales. I don't think he was coming out east, I think he wanted to stick out west, and Alberta preferentially. Besides, this is Brett Cameron's draft year IIRC. We all know the son of Bob Cameron is destined to be our punter of the future.

Losing Labatte and Carr doesn't mean the sky is falling. If you look FA last year and this year, sure they didn't sign big name players to extravagant contracts but they were also able to keep most of the guys with the team that they wanted, and in most cases getting them signed before FA. I've said in other topics I doubted they would be able bring all 3 QBs back, yet they did. You can't fault them on LaBatte. It's become clear he was going back to Sask no matter what. As for Carr, hopefully that was an anomaly and not a sign of them deeming talented young players replaceable when it comes to competing for salary and willing to let them go after only a couple of seasons. We'll see what happens with some of the guys heading into FA and due for a raise next season, like Jovo. It's still too early to critique the canadian talent since Mack and Lapo have come in. I think they have pretty high expectations of the guys that have come in and that's why some of the decisions that have been made have come about, like Donny O for instance. There have been 2 drafts since the end of the Mike Kelly era...

2010 - I don't think that Mack was fully in charge of this draft IIRC since they didn't have enough time to scout the canadian talent. With 4 picks the team got Cory Watson, Chris Smith, a LB who stuck in 2010 as a ST player after his first camp but cut last year, Anthony Woodson whom we'll see this year in camp finally, and Chris Greaves, the guy who is the odds on favourite to be LaBattes replacement. Not a bad draft IMO, if 50% of your picks are quality players for your team, you've done well.

2011 - Scott Mitchell could play all 5 spots on the Oline, had a great showing at the ecamp, and was the concensus #1 and believed to be going to the bombers for the longest time, especially with Oline considered one of the bombers weaknesses. Then as the draft got closer, surprise Muamba becomes their pick. With Brown retiring they need to fill that other starting NI spot. With Donny O sent packing the only NI on the Dline right now I think is Kashama. Maybe they do a rotation of Kashama at Dline and Muamba/Labbe at LB in some form of rotation with other imports or they start Muamba and/or Labbe full time. I suppose they could always find another spot elsewhere to start a NI, but there is not enough depth to start an extra NI receiver and the only open spot on the oline is LT and I don't know if they will go NI there. So it is looking more and more like the changes will allow Muamba to get his opportunity on the field this year. Then with their second first round pick they make a leap in taking a work in progress in Etienne ahead of some of the other receivers considered more polished. They follow that up with Swiston and Dunn TBD how good they are but which seem like solid picks, and Volny who stuck with the team last year and showed good talent before getting hurt, great later round pick. Liam Mahoney was a late camp cut, by some reports outshone Etienne in camp, and ended up signing with the TiCats. 5 out of 6 picks still with the club and it looks to be a good draft, at the very least a promising one. There will be a lot of pressure on their first rounders to produce and produce soon, especially on Muamba and how he can change the way they use their ratio. Even if volny turns out to be a stud NI back and Swiston and Dunn both become starters on the Oline down the road, its those first 2 gambles that may end up defining the current regime on their talent evaluation and selection.

Isn't Cameron a NCAA Junior ? Assuming Winnipeg drafts him a big if considering where Winnipeg sits in the draft. How does that help the kicking game this year or next ? But I can see how signing in Edmonton was convenient for him. Still think the bombers should take a hard look at their kicking game. Seems an area where the team could make big improvements with little cost.

2011 was his junior year. Does Winnipeg draft him or does he even get drafted at all? I would imagine picking him would be popular with a number of fans, but I don't know, I was half kidding actually. Bombers only hold 4 draft picks but maybe they take a flier on him with their last pick in the 4th round, maybe let him finish off his 4th year at UND. Your're right though, he won't help the kick game this year at least. Maybe he gets passed over entirely in the draft and becomes available down the road to them. The one thing about them they might like is that he was good at getting the ball downed inside the 20 and with directional punting being so important to keep returns down, he may be a good option and certainly has the pedigree. They've kept Renaud on the roster for a reason though, and I'm guessing they hope he can rebound to his 2010 form. I would still expect though that they look for another leg to come in an push him in camp, maybe a combo K/P that can push him and palardy.

[url=http://www.esks.com/article/esks-deal-kicker-to-winnipeg]http://www.esks.com/article/esks-deal-k ... o-winnipeg[/url]

How about Eric Wilbur?

…Yes Mr. Wilbur was picked up by the schmoes but seeing as we have a few players who can’t move away from home (see Dales and LaBatte :cry: ) we picked up Wilbur…Now this guy was thought of as taking over from Medlock in kitty-cat land…Pretty nice things said about him over there in the hammer sooooooo IF he makes the club i hope he boots it right down the cats gullet :lol: He’s an import who better be good or he’ll get an apple and a roadmap :roll: