Burke Dales.

This might be old news to a few people but I was just curious. For those who haven't heard Calgary has signed K/P Duncan O'Mahony & have given him Punting duty for this weeks game, sitting former Western Allstar Burke Dales.

I was just wondering what everyone here thought. Should the Cats try & bring in Dales if he becomes avaliable? Nick Setta has struggled punting the ball, he currently sits last in the Leauge amoung punters.

Its obvious Setta can handle the FG/PK duties but should Hamilton bring in a punter? & in this case Burke Dales if O'Mahony beats him out & theres a good chance he will, because O'Mahony actually showed up


I wouldn't exactly say that Setta has struggled with punting. He's got great hang time on his punts and the cover team has actually been pretty good so he's about middle of the pack for net punting yards which is actually the more important of the two.

I wouldn't take up an extra roster spot to gain an extra 3 yards in net punting.

Actually gameby game he is getting worse. those boomers from preseason are a thing of the past. he is last in the league in av. at 40.7 and only 2 punters below him for net yds. he's at 36.6

Unfortunately, on a few of his shorter punts he's had to avoid possible blocks and has made a couple of heads up moves (ie. stepping around the EE player to get the punt off).

Setta is in NO danger of losing his punting job.

We would have kept Pat Fleming if we wated to use 2 roster spots.

those near blocks really hurt his average.Once again since the beginning of the season his punting has gotten worse . make all the maas like excuses you'd like but its the truth. a couple of near blocks dont rank you at the bottom of the league. every punter in the league has had to rush one on more than one occasion. Othe than thee first game do you ever hear the broadcasters rave about his hangtime anymore? nope.i'm not saying replace him i'm just saying he's not the be all and end all everyone makes him out to be.if you're going to use a roster spot with an american he should be head over heels above the rest.otherwise a canadian kicker caan come in and be at the bottom of the league.

I knew it wouldn’t take long.

then obviously you knew he has been kicking poorly. you can admit it.noone will think any less of you

LMAO!!! Nice try. I really needed that chuckle. I don't think he's been kicking poorly. I just know how the people on this site are. But thanks for the kind words just the same. :wink:

I really like Burke Dales and think he’s a terrific punter.

I’m also quite pleased with the job that Nick Setta has done with place kicking and punting.

I think that Dales would add a few yards to our punting game, but probably not enough to justify an additional roster spot, EXCEPT THAT we have two roster spots at Backup QB that Coach Taaffe is determined to NEVER use.
Perhaps he should free one up for Dales.

Okay, now THAT was funny. Well done.

I'm wondering if he got a bit dinged up on that fake punt esrlier in the season. If so, then he has another week-and-a-half to heal up and correct his technique. Another thing to think about is where he is ordered to place his punts. Getting them between the numbers and the sidelines calls for greater accuracy, and that rtakes away from sheer power.

My thoughts would be to leave the job with Setta. Why? I remember a guy who came in once to replace a vetran fan favorite at kicker, he struggled his first full year with punting, he was good with the kicking. We stuck with him and he got better and better in the coming years at punting.

This players name was Paul Osbaldiston.

Point is, Setta if i'm not mistaken was a placekicker in Notre Dame, can someone help me out here and let me know if he was a punter as well i'm not sure.

He will get better at punting, he is not at the top of his game with punting it will come with time. This team has so many more areas we have to focus on, IMO this is not one of them.

its not nice to attack people for having a difference of opinion.

The guy is our kicking future AND our kicking present, IMHO. He may have to be saved a bit in practice at times to keep the juice in his leg through an entire season, but this would be the wrong time to make Setta split chores with a punter, IMHO. I think that given his hangtime (which is excellent most of the time), he should be kept as the dual-role kicker of the team.

If an adjustment needs to be made, make it at the start of next year. My money is on Setta growing into the role and being a stalwart for years to come.

Oski Wee Wee,


the kicking has been a bright spot for the cats this year. Setta is great. Maybe the punting has been tailing off a bit. But I think he will get his punting average up again. The field goal kicking has been outstanding!!

You are absolutely right, my sincere apology. I'm really going to have to make an effort to keep the personal attacks to a minimum. It's been an ongoing problem for me, but I'll do my level best to rectify it for you. :smiley:

There is nothing wrong with Nick Setta's punts. He's adjusting to the Canadian game and trying to keep his punts lower in order to avoid the no-yards penalties. He'll be one of the best punters in the CFL next season... mark my words.

apology accepted. now remember,always wear your water wings!!

(Bunnythelyfgard) borehamgirl wrote: LMAO!!! Nice try. I really needed that chuckle. I don't think he's been kicking poorly. I just know how the people on this site are. But thanks for the kind words just the same. Wink its not nice to attack people for having a difference of opinio
Welcome to the club, BG. (wink)

I have no problems with Nick Setta. He has suffered through some severe rushes for many of his punts which has made it difficult for him to get off great kicks.

He definitly gets good hang time however, and this allows our coverage to get down field and swarm the receiver.

With this being his first year as a pro, he may also be tiring a bit. Time will tell.

For now, this is another area I feel that we need to have patience with. Nick Setta is a good kicker and will almost certainly prove himself.