Burke Dales kicking at practice !

This makes me very happy :slight_smile:

[url=https://twitter.com/RickMoffat/status/360091942555615232/photo/1]https://twitter.com/RickMoffat/status/3 ... 32/photo/1[/url]
Dressed in black from his skull-capped head to his uneven shoes (well, one of which is white and a few sizes smaller than the other shoe) in his unmistakable warm-up routine was Burke Dales. The veteran punter was released by the Eskimos on Monday, after spending the 2012 season with the club and rehabbing a foot injury he sustained in last year’s Labour Day Classic against Calgary.

Having watched Dales punt with the Eskimos over the past year, I know him when I see him. When the scrum ended, a few media members went over to where Dales was stretching and spoke with him briefly. He hasn’t been signed to anything with the Alouettes, he said and added that he had to work out for them so they could see that he was healthy. After about 30 minutes of punting for special teams coach Ray Rychleski, Dales said the workout went well and that he couldn’t comment on anything yet. He hopped into a minivan with a member of the Alouettes’ coaching staff and was gone.

Dales, 36, knows Montreal well, having played his CIS football at Concordia University before embarking on a career that’s stretched 11 years. His name has been a popular one in CFL circles this week, with rumours popping up saying he might land in Hamilton, Montreal or even Ottawa when the Redblacks kick off next season.

Funny we were talking about that in the stands at the practice today about having only one kicker. We had no idea he was there. It is definitely a good acquisition.

I could be totally wrong, but I would not be surprised if Burke Dales plays tomorrow night,or,at least, is/has been added to the active roster. If they did not plan to play him, why invite/bring him to the walk in practice. Why ask him to kick for the special teams coach? You don't do that,at least on a day before a game, in front of the players and Media. I am sure that the player wants to sign now/does not want to lose a game's pay.

The Als had to submit their active roster 24 hours before game time or by 19:30 hours today. Practice/walk in ended around 13:30 hours. There was plenty of time to sign a contract and submit it to the League for 19:30 hours; furthermore, if Jerome Messam won't play,why was he not added to 1 game injury list. Could have been done but we won't be informed before tomorrow.

Let's wait and see.


From what I heard he has offers from a couple teams. If I am the Als I'd really want his leg playing against Shaw...

I can't imagine teams that may have an interest in him,except Winnipeg and Montreal.

The fact that Scott Flory and Andrew Woodruff are on the 9 game injured list-their salaries don't count against the cap-enables the Als to sign/afford this player. I expect him to be asking between $4,500. and $5,000 a game or $81,000 to $90,000 annually. No more than $70,000 for remainder of 2013.


Hamilton is what I read.

Given that Eric Tillman-now with Hamilton- is the one who signed Burke Dales with Edmonton, I understand that they could be interested; on the other hand, Josh Bartel is doing well as their punter and he is definitely less expensive than Burke.

I am still surprised/puzzled that all is quiet with regards to Burke and the Als; yes, he could be signed for later on but I still feel that he will be/has been added to the Als active roster and could play tonight. Too quiet!


Bartel has looked terrible this year.

I guess Burke Dales is for future games with the Als or elsewhere.


Still rather quiet. I definitely believe that the Als have signed him and that an announcement will come later on this week.


Ce serait un certain paradoxe que cette annonce arrive l'année où Whyte connaît sa moins mauvaise saison pour les dégagements.

Mais il demeure que même s'il a déjà fait deux dégagements crucilaux cette saison, le temps de suspension de ses bottés commence à nuire. Les Eskimos ont eu de meilleurs retours que les Stampeders, ce qui indique qu'ils ont bâti une recette de blocage à laquelle la réponse aurait dû être des bottés plus hauts.