Burke and Mack back next year...

As per Bob Irving...

Presser at 2pm.

....Continuity is the name of the game here.....I would say that Burke will be an outstanding headcoach in this league, once he irons out the wrinkles, and Mack, no matter what you say about this year, can find talent...We're either going to sink or swim with these guys...Get ready for 2013... :slight_smile:

I like that both are back. Let Burke hire a full compliment of assistants, resolve the QB issue (sorry Papa, I’d like to see them Pry Glenn out of Calgary) and away we go…

....okay....it's hard for me to argue that he doesn't deserve another shot here, especially after his performance in Cal.this year, BUT if we do go down that road and re-sign him AND the first time he throws a crucial game away, you better cover your ears... :lol:

I'll mea cupla til the cows come home.

I don't think we're too far away, but we do have 1 big missing piece, and Glenn could fill that role nicely.

The same Kevin Glenn fans chased out of town ? Good luck with that one.


Good luck as far as what, exactly? Getting him to come back? Starter money would go a long way...

I just don't see it. He's doing extremely well in Calgary and could up his stock further if he makes it to the GC. He's under contract for 2013 and Tate is returning from a serious injury.

"I'm pleased to be able to restructure Kevin's contract so that it will be a better fit with our salary cap," Calgary head coach/GM John Hufnagel said in a statement. "By accommodating us in this way, Kevin has demonstrated that he is anxious to be a member of the Calgary Stampeders in 2012 and beyond.

"This restructured deal gives Kevin an opportunity to finish his career here in Calgary."

Calgary may trade him following the 2013 season if they think they will lose him in the expansion but I can't see them pulling the trigger on a Glenn trade at this point.

Yep...cost would be high to get him out of Calgary, no question

If Mack can pull that off my hat is off to him. Glad Burke got his nomination and a new contract looks good for next season. :thup:

We are so screwed. I'm not even excited about 2013 now. This team is a joke!

Glad to see Burke get the permanent HC tag. Guy has busted his tail for many years to get this opportunity. Now the question is whether Gary Crowton will be back, and who's going to be the starting QB...

Why? We should blow it up again and get a new staff and new players and it will take them two years to gel. We need consistancy , more than anything. Im sick of rebuilding , these players need to mature .

Could not agree more.

Lets get a full staff of coaches to bring this young team along

Burke has said he'd bring Gary back. Likes what he sees. Only the qb is the remaining question.

The big boss agrees with you:

Darrin Bauming ?@DarrinBauming
Garth Buchko just now on @TSN1290Radio: "We've got to stop blowing up this football club every two years." Tune in at TSN1290.ca. #Bombers

It was neither of Mack,s or Burke's fault we started 4 on the road. That was tough on a young team's confidence and our young players were just not ready. Mack will have next year to see if his young talent pays off. I think we will be better next year as Hamilton will be, Toronto will be a disaster.

Keep drinking Macks Koolaid. 2013 will be a disaster. I wouldn't be surprised if Buck is back next year too as starter. :x

Why ? So blowing it up is your solution AGAIN !!!!!!! Who's our coach ? gm ? Just gonna snap our fingers and build a championship team. It's been 22 years, this regime is still new !

I support this decision as well and what Buchko was quoted as saying in that tweet. Having 7 GMs and 7 head coaches in 15 years sure hasn’t worked.