Burger King Field? Whopper Stadium?

[u]Whopper Tim Hortons sale in the works: Report[/u]

[b]Tim Hortons could be in for a Whopper of a buyout.

The Wall Stret Journal reports that Canada's iconic coffee and doughnut chain could be bought by Burger King Worldwide Inc. in a deal that would put the combined companies market value at $18 billion.

There's no timeframe on a Burger King-Tim Hortons deal but if successful, it would create the world's third-largest fast-food company.[/b]

[url=http://www.torontosun.com/2014/08/24/whopper-tim-hortons-sale-in-the-works-report]http://www.torontosun.com/2014/08/24/wh ... rks-report[/url]

Oh god, I hope not. I refuse to go to Burger King with how many times I've received exceptionally poor service and undercooked "meat" at that place.

Cool beans!

Burger King saved my sanity and part of my life this past April when I was flying out of BKK and couldnt handle any more curry!


I was just in one of those old joint Tim Horton's/Wendy's-in-one earlier today... that's gonna be a little awkward

Hmm we already have microwave burgers now microwave coffee NO TY

Bangkok Thailand?

If this means that Tim Hortons will now open outlets in Florida , I'm all for it!!
I thought something was brewing a couple of weeks ago when they started serving a dark brew coffee, finally they brew a decent coffee.

Love the original Chicken sandwich and Onion Rings

If the deal go's through with Burger King and Tim Horton's they both will be run as separate entities and remain the same brands they currently are, nothing will change and Tim Horton's Field will remain THF not the Burger King or Whopper stadium?

The only thing this deal really does is give Tim Horton's better access to the the US and International market and increase Burger King with a good coffee alliance in North America, Tim Horton's has 4500 outlets in Canada and the USA and Burger King has 18,000 internationally.

With all the American players on the Tiger-Cats they all can be potential franchise owners of a Tim Hortons or a Burger King outlet in the States and as an investment outside of Football. Kevin Glenn QB ex-Ti-Cat and Lions player owns a Tim Horton's apparently in the Detroit area?


What you are likely to see are signs in Burger King, especially here in the States, that they serve Tim Horton Premium Coffee.

And the new holding company for the two companies will be headquartered in Canada (Ontario I believe) because our corporate taxes are lower here than the US. Yes you read that right all you people who complain taxes are too high here. The tax savings of having a head office up here is one of the biggest reasons this deal makes sense for Burger King.

Here's what i don't get about this. Tim Horton's is already in bed with Wendy's. Is that not some sort of conflict of interest?

not a fan at all of BK....however i know where you're coming from.

i visited the BK at the Chiang Mai night market a few times for their "free" toilet. i found the trick was to be waiting outside the doors until a real customer steps in. while their order is taken, i sneak in right behind them. i was even able to watch Modern Family illegally copied to DVD and played at a stand right outside. :slight_smile:

ps how can you get sick of curry dishes??? my mouth is watering just typing this.

Tim and Wendy split up about 8 years ago after a 10 year marriage.

No Offense,

It was a combination of chicken fried rice, pad thai, and curry, day after day after day after day after day after day for 6 weeks straight (poor me lol) when Im a pizza burger beer kind of guy :smiley:

iI all honesty, I really get off on Yellow Curry! Mind you, if BK started serving thai food, I would have to try it out....... :thup:

8) It's a done deal !!
   Official announcement was released just a few minutes ago.


That's our offensive line's training regimen.

please please please let me be able to buy a timmies coffee and a whopper at the same location. all my dreams will then have come true :stuck_out_tongue:

It's not going to happen. But I think you will see Burger King in the US selling TH coffee.