Buratto to lead Rider O-line in 2011

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/article/buratto-to-lead-rider-o-line-in-2011]http://www.cfl.ca/article/buratto-to-le ... ne-in-2011[/url]

Congrads Steve!

I had read at the time that Buratto left the Ticats that the reason he was leaving was to be closer to his wife in the U.S. What happened since then? What changed his mind to return to work in Canada and the CFL? Whatever the case may be, I hope that he is able to continue his excellent career as a coach.

The things you ask are rather personal. Lets just wish him luck in his new job.

Good catch PRF. Hopefully some intrepid reporter will find out.

Buratto makes his home in Boise, Idaho in the off-season (with his wife, apparently). A much close trip for Regina than Hamilton.

I do not understand the need people have to know personal details about the lives of people they don't even know personally.

Do you guys call him and report any career/job changes you make in life?

The obvious and respectful conclusion to make is that he made the move to suit a need or change that was needed in his life. The exact details are Steve's concern.

The man chooses to work in professional football which is part of the entertainment industry. As such, many personal details get discussed by fans that wouldn’t if he worked in a non entertainment sector. Perhaps some here wonder if he left the TiCats for reasons other than the one he gave. If the subject of this thread bothers you stay out of it.

He is a hell of a good coach, worked with Greg Marshall last year and he wants him for his staff ... doesn't matter what is going on in his personal life.

And yes, Boise is closer to Regina.